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Doing The Mindwork

It is not what they report, it is what they do not report.

People are brainwashed by television. People believe their television. People in pursuit of sedation, turn to a military controlled clockwork orange machine and become mind controlled.

The power of television is well understood. Experiments in a small African village with age-old rigid traditions were completely reversed in only several years after the introduction of television.

If a person is told by society to wear a black scarf and the whole society follows that cultural norm even if it were strict as in Islam, adoption of television that subtly showed desirable people not wearing scarfs at all would in three years cause the entire society to stop wearing scarfs.

The female psychology is more likely to view television as social instruction. But it is retardation and degradation as western culture is a death cult.

The media would never say stop wearing scarfs, it will show wealthy persons in nice places not wearing scarfs instead wearing bracelets. The viewer sees and uses television as education.

A sitcom where political ideas are sold as simple drama, causes an entertained person to forget after a time and then re-enact that main idea not remembering that they saw it on television. When people are told to be creative they communicate what they have seen on television even years ago and have totally forgotten and think the idea comes from their own independent wit.

If a person is made to see a number through media say the number 3, they will not register the number they saw multiple times but if you play a game of pick a number any number, they will pick the number that they saw on television and when you guess the correct number they are amazed at your ability no longer realizes they saw the number on the television.

Media such as ongoing sitcoms will in a statement push an idea among many benign statements. This ongoing exposure alters the beliefs of a person without them being aware or suspecting.

People are unaware of the power of media in controlling the mind of people, people believe themselves to be strong-minded but it is not the case. Television has them. The mind is doing something more than simply being entertained and those that invented the words “programming” and “feed” in relation to media know exactly what they are producing information with intention.

This is why the Vatican is so obsessed with information control and why all governments are heavy censors because they understand that information is all that a person has to go on. Control the information and you control the mind.

Much of these psyops are targeted towards children for they are trusting and more easily influenced. If you can win or gain the trust and favour of children then they will trust evil against goodness and you can do evil with support of unsuspecting trusting persons, the trust gained in childhood can extend to adulthood. Therefore, if these organizations can promote their ideal situation on a child he will not question it. Once a child is denied the information the child is made ignorant because of it, he does not say I remember a time when there was more information. If I control all the information, I control the subject and it is very hard for the subject to escape unless they have multiple transactions with an alternative view or other information enters the situation. The older generation forget that the child is being denied the truth of the situation, that the sins of the state are quietly put to rest and a new benevolent state that can do no wrong is being sold to them.

A news presenter becomes a trusted person and that is person is almost always an idiot. It causes the idiot to be normal. The I.Q of television is low and will always remain low. Some cultures that have banned television can continue a view that it is right to be smart and not have television tell them that being dumb is right, and they win all the Nobel Prizes.

Many states are heavy into mind control, history has several organizations, and they have re-designed all functions for the preservation of their organizations.

Humans would be 500 years more advanced if it not for television and information control environments. Television is not entertainment it is psychological operation device and it is not enough to know and keep watching, you must cover your eyes and turn away, switch it off and send it away and place guard your information.

Plato Cave allegory is no more divinely obvious than television, the allegory made real. Television is a super tool of brainwashing. People use television as an information tool, unconsciously they form answers to all their questions through information and television forms the major means of this kind of process but television is not an authority and the result is confusion and misplaced values. A person may observe a moustache as fashionable while watching a program having nothing to do with moustaches. A person may an indicator of poverty while watching something having nothing to with poverty. A young person may see a male whom becomes the archetype of some social ideal simply because he is on television. Words said that are not innocent but are fleeting and ignored yet registered.

Do not underestimate the power of television in shaping a persons psyche, beliefs, hopes, dreams, fantasies, ideals. It took two years to inverse the convention of a culture being practised for thousands of years of a village of people not exposed to TV. For example the villagers went from seeing obesity as a probable male to seeing slim as sexy. In the western world we subject children to this information and the subjection is throughout their entire lives. They stand no chance.

Media blackout is the term used when there is widespread silence on an issue. All the media ignores and does not report. If one does not hear about it then he assumes it does not happen while that is false. The media blackout means that media is colluding and corrupting against the intent of media.

There is no form of government in the world that is not engaged in severe suppression of media. A fake media institution fails to report and hides news and instead replaces news with fillers and pro-government views. Big media organizations are many times funded by the government, the disclosure of its funding is hidden. The funders of the media heavily alter the news and the resulting public view on the situation. War-mongers become peace-keepers and so on. There is also proof of a CIA program called “Operation Mockingbird” where governments secretly dictate the media. An openly repressive government can simply ban a media organization or it can create also create a fake media organization that is technically the same. The peoples with the fake media pronounce their freedoms but it is a facade when real media breaks the smoke and mirrors, death threats are hurled and the people walk around in circles confused.

Of late another strategy that is used is an attempt to paint a rosy picture by censorship. The young mind gets a false preview of reality at their expense. The United State attempts to paint itself as a rosy picture but in reality a very bad place.

Such people look to persons like Joseph Goebbels to teach them how to lie. He speaks the truth concerning how to lie. They also have large systems thinking about psychology to better effect the mind with their propaganda such as Asch Conformity Experiment.

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