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The Briefing

“It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not be free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act. “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.” - Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

Mind bending, is the practice of changing your beliefs, religions operate mind bending centres otherwise called churches for the instutionalized operation of societal mind bending. These religions may make people behave againt their evolutionary programming or instinct and without strong instincts people behave incorrectly in effect a form of abuse or they usually may do so as means to steal money. Mind bending practices are standardized and formalized. Mind bending practices are not only utilized by religions they are also detected in the government propaganda to the public. People who are mind bent cannot see past the beliefs.

Religions act on deep human psychology. Ideas occupy vacuums within people and out of these ideas does one express or acts. The vacuum that exists within a person can be filled with one of many political ideologies, freedom, aristocracy, religion, politics where behaviour is altered because of acceptance and belief of the idea. Energy is undefined, a concept defines energy, if you believe in law then everything will eventually become illegal and everyone a criminal. Get out the way! Thus the energy and the concept must flow well.

The Devil & Sin, fear of the devil is installed in children or at an early, the child fears a bogie man and self terrorizes over an entire childhood, the church says “great, he knows fear, he won't bother us when he is an adult” Sin and the attempt to endow it to authority in so much that the church through bad council can have a man kill himself through their laws and rules. See through the scheme, their is no sin.

Religion is the vehicle to wage war, nation states produce standing armies but where there is no nation state, it is through the vehicle of religion that substitutes. Religions that are not war machines, exist in a system where religion has no other purpose but to be a war machine and primarily against other religions, forcing all religion to make war with religions of war or risk losing your religious domains. If one religion casts out another, then the minds of the nation fall under control of the dominant religion and with a word, the small power endowed to each person can be collectively summoned against any foe, for the preservation and expansion of the church, there can be no peace amongst the religions. It was the hated Jew (of which he always considers himself blameless) and his holy war against the Canaanites (which continues today) that established the precedent. The other dysfunction is money as the evangelicals have illustrated. For those not Abrahamic, they have religions that are concerned with mental and physiological health or they believe in an unseen super massive system which they are loved, belong to, are enternal in and are connected with.

The first ever religion is the tribal Shaman or Witchdoctor, some people in tribes are born with special talents and their was a person in the tribe who was out there, mystical and would be the go to person for many of the unknown issues. For example if someone in the tribe was travelling he would go to the Shaman and ask if his trip would go well, if someone was sick the shaman would perform some ritual, then tell you why and tell you what to do to get well. The Shaman develops their rituals and they handed down by generation. The Shaman for example might perform a ritual that involved drinking some special brew and dancing and eventually would derive an answer to the question.

Shaman and Witch Doctors have their specific gift. A central piece of a advanced Shaman involves connecting with another intelligence to get information. The Shamen must call the entity, communicate with the entity, thank the entity and always be respectful to the entity. The use of meditation or narcotics might be involved in the ritual. This is the basis of the Ancient Egyptian religion. The Ancient Egyptians conducted extensive religious practices. The priest as a medium for contacting the deity and receiving information. They were supported by the monarchy to conduct their practices and contributed thought to the operation of Egypt. The priest practice was to communicate with those animal headed human forms that contributed to their understanding of the world. The basis of communication is know the third eye. Humans have three eyes, two on the face and one in the brain, in a very ancient part of the brain. Secretion of the pineal gland called DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), Mercury the messenger of the gods holds a caduceus. Gods can communicate with men using dreams, visions and so on. Near death experiences come this area of the mind. The practice is specialised and best left to the dedicated priesthood.

The other pre-eminent society was Mesopotamia. Humanoids revered as gods with stories and temples communicate their fame. In the Epic of Creation, dated to 1200 BC, it explains that the god Marduk killed the mother goddess Tiamat and used half her body to create the earth, and the other half to create both the paradise of šamû and the netherworld of irṣitu. What is that supposed to mean? Cultures have many genesis stories for example two birds fighting over an egg and one bird flys away with the egg, the other bird cracks the egg and it becomes the sun. We dismiss those to early thought and perhaps the Mesopotamian religion is similar. Marduk was the patron god of Babylon, the god of the city plays an important role in the city society function. The temple dedicated to Marduk performed religious practice in reference to Marduk. K. Tallqvist, in his Akkadische Götterepitheta (1938) counted around two thousand four hundred known deities.

The Ancient Mysteries

The ancient mysteries, what are the ancient mysteries? The ancient mysteries are the science of old. What perplexes scientists today, priests were also perplexed by questions for example what are we all doing here? would be regarded as a mystery, a priest would attempt to generate an answer and the religion answered the mystery. Ancient religions personified the constellations, ritualized, the night sky as a story.

Things done, things said, things shown.

  • Eleusinian Mysteries - cult of Demeter and Persephone is a constellation story based at the city of Eleusis that is raising funds for the area using a cult. (~500BC)
  • Samothracean mysteries – a cult that uses constellation movements as stories, rituals and festivals in order to raise funds for the area. Samothrace (also Samothraki, Samothracia) is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea.
  • Dionysian Mysteries – partying cult of wine and wild behavior, using a group to play out some want or desire. Also called cult of Bacchus. The Bacchanalia were Roman festivals of Bacchus, based on various ecstatic elements of the Greek Dionysia.
  • Orphic mysteries – pedophilia cult with their own bible, using a group to play out some want or desire. Christianity incorporates Orphism as well as other cults but not Bacchanalia. Orpheus the Orphic Bible
  • Cult of Isis – Part of the complicated Egyptian religion
  • Mithraic Mysteries – a person is a planet and by developing in the religion their planet becomes better. The slaying of the bull may represent the constellation Taurus in a 2,000 year cycle age issuing the age of Pisces and today the Age of Aquiries or it may represent the dymanism present in South American sacrifice to maintain balance and child sacrifice religions of the Levant. The Mithraic Mystery is also present in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
  • Cult of Cybele – Magna mater cult, safe in the mother's bosom.
  • Cult of Attis – Seasons festivals cult related to cybele cult.
  • Arcadian cult of Despoina – constellation religion that raises funds for a specific area.
  • Cult of Trophonius - constellation religion that raises funds for a specific area.
  • Serapis – Ptolomy was very active by a variety of means to be acceptable as a ruler and designed this religion as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm. As the story of Dave and Goliath is really the story of Alexander The Great and the Persians, it may have been Ptolomy who used the story for a similar purpose. Ptolomy also known for the Rosetta Stone.
  • Sabazios - Sabazios was an Anatolian god often identified as Zeus
  • Navigium Isidis - the vessel of Isis, the cult of Isis
  • Moloch/Baal, Canaanite semitic religions, child sacrifice religions, paedophile religions. Religions of the Levant namely Abrahamic are Cannanite in origin. Their is some belief in some religions that sacrifice maintains balance or wards off as in with South American religions. Religious behaviours surrounding children have their basis in paedophilia, be it the sacrifice of children or their spiritual sacrifice in parents sending them to religious run schools and their religious education. Child sacrifice is central to Levant religions. Islam and Judaism both have animal sacrifice.


Christianity is the most popular religion claiming 2.1 billion members. The base of Christianity on Earth is the Vatican or the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is the religious organization of the ancient Roman times, after the political and military collapse of Rome due the foederati, Goths serving in the Roman military (see Gainas) turn under Alaric and sack Rome, possibly a microcosm of a much larger problem of hoards of people from the East dreaming of the advertised Rome or massive state corruption and dysfunction, the Vatican survives and evolves to become Christian under the reforms of Constantine. As Europe descended into military anarchy of short-lived gangs and revolving warlords the Roman religious body took it upon itself to re-civilize Europe by creating a network across Europe and accepting rulers and domains in order to establish some kind of form. Through the Vatican, by making the Merovingians and Charlemagne profound they form a bedrock of new Europe. The Vatican or The Pope through a network of clergy travels through Europe and attempts to convene with Royals and convert them.

The Vatican subject to attacks changed its preachings to attempt to change people, so they would stop attacking Rome. That means end of war deities instead peace deities, away from the word of blood man absorbs his enemies power through the spilling of his blood, word of peace. What is in man's mind is what he plays out, the pantheon re-organized, gods of love and peace and conspiracy against the individual.

The Vatican is obsessed with information control. Information control forms the basis of its aims and activity. Their fake belief system is only valid if people believe it and for people to believe it they must control the information and dumb down the mind. They worked to suppress the decoding of the Egyptian hieroglyphs for it threatened to expose their fraud, and they care none that man should ever understand the hieroglyphs. They murdered persons that disagreed with the order of the constellation. The Bible being the central encyclopaedia The Vatican has been wrong about every scientific argument it has ever engaged in, it has lied and fabricated artefacts, stories and history. It has failed in every war it has been involved in. It does exactly the opposite of that it preaches for if the Vatican was to practice what it preached it would no longer exist on Earth. Those that listen to them find themselves paying the price for listening to dumb advice. When a church collapses due to engineering it poses a question in Catholics mind. If you listen to their advice and do the opposite you will have worked them out. They are an aristocratic organization and some people see their acknowledgement as one of the highest forms of Earthly status. Aristocratic organizations have been behind some of the worst times in Earth and they do it for profit.

The right kind of goodness can resonate with people and the right kind of goodness is acceptable but it is important to note that the word of Jesus is really about how dumb you can get before you realize it. The church will traget children to brainwash them and they do so because they come from history of targeting children in sacrifice, in peodophilia and in brainwashing them. Their God was a child sacrifice god and parents would offer their children to be sacrificed, today children offer their children to be educated an abstraction of the same ritual. The slaves shall inherit the earth, for all ye make are slaves.

Origin Of God

The Vatican promotes Jews, the Pope a Semitephile. Their god comes from the Levant and their God came to Earth as a Jew. So they are constantly promoting Jews. The Jewish are a privileged group, their whims are the whims of a spoilt child because of the promotion of the Vatican and the Catholic religion. What you believe and what is in my mind you may play out. The origin of the Hebrew god is directly by the Canaanite god, by plagiarizing Canaanite books and practices conflating another deity. “El”, the chief god not a title, then placing new suffixes to “El” you can it seems invent a new deity for a region. Their are golden figurines of El in the Ra style which is what the peoples of the Levant including Hebrews in fact worship. These figurines are the God of the Bible and not representations. The various figurines were placed in the inner most sanctum of the temple and worshipped.

The wife, consort of “El” named Asherah for both the Canaanite and Hebrew versions further indication that the two deities were in fact the same deity. After some time the Hebrews sought to differentiate their religion from the Canaanite version and sought to engage in a military campaign with the intent to seize their property. The polymorphism, the wife and children of El omitted and erased. Their are figurines of the Catholic God pictured right in various museums.

Be Aware of Your Mind, Your Beliefs and Your Access To Information

Beware of what you believe, for what you believe can be means of your undoing. Beware what is in your mind for what is in your mind you might play out in the world. Beware that you have access to information and those that seek to purify the world of information for it is information that liberates from enslavement.


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Polytheistic religion possibly similar to the Mesopotamian or Egyptian religions in that attributes are awarded to a deity, the deity embodies certain attributes. Claims to be the oldest religion. Hinduism is a repository of religious ideas, if their is some perceived important missing information then it is added or included into the religion. It is the major religion of India and most of its follows are Indian.


Nepalese religion created by Buddha that is popular in Asia dating to 500BC. The Buddhist calendar which is used in some nations is 543 years ahead.

Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond
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