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Doing The Mindwork

The Police was formed as a domestic force to protect the monarchy against internal revolution.

They take from the system of highway robbery. Frisking, searching, roadblocks and more are mainly techniques used to gather and steal valuables. A case of your money or your life. The Police will set up a roadblock, wave people down, tell them to empty their pockets and search their vehicles for the primary purpose of collecting objects of value and then taking those objects as an on the spot fine in return for release of some arbitrary crime they have supposed you have committed like bringing “fruit” into the country. Fruit is placeholder word. The seizure of the “fruit” or a fine due to the “fruit” is an arbitrary crime to legitimize theft. Frisk, “do you have any sharp objects” the emptying of the pockets or the search of a vehicle is for the collection of valuables that are taken and the “suspect” is waved on without their belongings.

The various army officials set up their roadblocks, anyone coming through would be stopped, searched and have their belonging stolen from them. The various army generals would become rich while the people under arrest would fall into hard times. The Police are simply a paramilitary of the same effect.

In many places high ranking Police officers double as the crime activity in the city. Smuggling (cigars, whisky, drugs, girls and so on) in and out of the city for profit is a key activity because the Police are generally the people who bust the transport of substances. For example the supply of some drug in and out of the city is conducted safely with the oversight of Police officer in charge, and profits large from the operation. The business that people run are protected through payments to a Police of the area. If the business owner does not pay then he sends police to arrest the patrons and then orders the business to close down.

In some places police do generally get away with murder, figuratively and literally. The Political and legal system overlook the murder and theft from civilians. Be very aware of operations in such places for such operations commonly lead to beatings, torture and death by sadistic officers. In other places where conditions are better a Police officer may seek promotion by creating crime and then solving it. It is common for police to ignore crime out of some prejudice or disdain for the community. Certain minorities are far less likely to report crime due to bias, being targeted as criminals and ignored as victims of crime.

Police Beatings

There are countless videos showing Police killing, beating people and engaged in criminal activities. It is very important for civilians to understand that being a Police officer is not an exemption from the law. They must also follow the law. In some places more than others.

Group Versus One, Group Versus Group or Bigger Group Versus Smaller Group

These Police gangs operate on the idea of the group versus the individual. In nature, their is an individual versus an individual, and superior to that is the group versus the individual and if the individual form their own counter group, then it becomes a case of the bigger group versus the smaller group. We are at a state today where the people must form the group to be group versus group.

Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 - The first Police.

The premier gatekeeper organization, when kings and queens crunch the numbers, the civilians largely outnumber the state, vulnerable obsessive anxieties arise and police institution follows. They are primarily responsible for consolidating the state in the civilian, of late they are utilized for revenue raising. In relation to taxes the English have always been like a child around a cookie jar, it starts with a quick touch but pretty soon they are shoving the whole jar down their pie hole. They just can't help themselves.

An individual has an amount of power, when an individual faces another individual the power is fairly even. State power tips those scales and monsters will arise.

In the republic, every individual has the same rights, when any person or group has more rights than the individual then it is no longer a republic and instead a monarchy meaning privilege and unequal rights. The first act of monarchy is to construct unequal rights to legitimize their privilege and suppression of others and police is but one of the several institutions that enforce unequal rights in society, they believe they are better than the mere citizen. An English Monarch created the domestic standing army called police and so no guesses that it is for theft and suppression and none else, guess what they were called? “The Watchmen”, that you call the police as your own personal service was always misguided. For all of human history there was no police, police are divisive and generate negative energy in society. Instead, society functioned on community without any need for “law enforcement” and society does not fall apart but actually functions better. It may be unorthodox but militarism (standing armies) including police are by in large the source of problems in the world, without standing armies of which the police are one, societies are less violent and more inclusive, international relations more relaxed. When there are standing armies, war is certain to happen. Disbanding the police is necessary for social harmony.

Traditionally some Police play a protection racket for a time and then after a time shut a business down. Bribing Police is a crime but there is a tradition in some places, especially to remain in business, bribe packages. The Police can generally shut down any business operation they choose too. Business owners in these situations operate for as long as Police allow them too. If you develop a formula to defeat the system, you may be met with Police increasingly, if you escape their pen you may be met by the federal police. If you make too much money in a short time you may have your bank account frozen or your transactions halted. You exist under a bar and if you go above that bar the Police will show up and generally bring you back down by means of ruining it. Your success is not based on your effort but if the state allows it. Some people have heard of this kind of system but retire it to the past. Try it and see they are around the corner waiting for you to raise your head above the fray, so they can knock it back down.

The Theory

Police have some limited power under the law, anyone can read and understand the scope of Police power. Police are people too, they are not god. Police are not the law, they investigate crime and lately revenue raising and crowd control. Police must abide by the law set forth in the Police act, they are not allowed to break the law. Police allege and file forms bring a person to court. Any person can file form to courts. Police are not the judge, jury and certainly not the executioner. Police can not pronounce you guilty, that is for a court to decide. Police are not to be feared. Police must also follow the law. Police can't pull you over or stop you without probable cause. Police must not infringe on your rights as a citizen. They are not allowed to act or conduct searches without a warrant. They are not allowed to stop without probable cause. That is suspicion that you have committed a crime. If they do then you have the law on your side and should argue with them. If you have the law on your side then you are on equal footing with the Police officer and should argue with them. If you are from a nation that leave you with no rights then you are screwed.

You have to understand your situation in relation to the law and not believe you are guilty because police have arrested you.

These situations vary between nations. The power of Police as a readable act of law, the right of a person is country specific and every person must not only understand the legal situation in regard to police, but they also must work within the government to maintain a balance, because systems tilt the powers away from civil liberties and human rights towards tyrannical arrangements.

Police routinely ruin lives, both good people and bad people. A person in such a situation can expect a life of police, courts, laws, crime and punishment. A person in such a situation has limited options, they can relocate and hopefully start anew, they can become a police officer themselves and get their record erased. They can study law and become a lawyer, they will recoil from arresting a lawyer to appear in court. If the balance is so broken that police can get away with murder and you are not politically incorporated then it is possibly time to leave the country.

Stopping You Randomly

You must be committing a crime or be suspicious of committing a crime for Police to stop you be it in a car or on the street, if you are going about your business with no indication of breaking the law, Police should not stop you. You should make that known to the officer and he should explain, why are you being stopped? Questioned without explanation of suspicion. Courts have failed to uphold this right of citizens in society and the arbitrary execution of human beings by Police squads or in custody in Police Station where a experienced Police officer will be exonerated by the court system, becoming a law unto themselves, judge jury and executioner.

False Suspect Syndrome

The belief of suspicion that in reality is based on nothing more than prejudices and a guess. Some people are bullied their entire lives because of this and if it continues people will lose their jobs and legal action will be pursued.


The lawyers have their own understanding of the law and the system of courts, people are not lawyers might believe they are innocent because they did not intent to commit a crime but the court does not care. Alleged, Allegations - everything in relation to law and Police is alleged or an allegation. Until they can be proved, allegations remain merely assertions. The legal system has to maintain consistency with previous cases called juris-pudence. The belief of suspicion that in reality is based on nothing more than prejudices, fears or a guess.

The Right To Remain Silent - No Answer Interview

When interviewed, you should say I have been advised to answer all questions by saying “No answer interview” it is the other parties work to prove any allegations made against you and not your job. If the Police ask what work you do, it is not the work of aiding the building of a dossier of evidence that leads to court.

Arrested Development

A kidnapped child obeys their capture instead of listening to their instincts because the kidnapper replaces an authority figure. Sometimes it is better to run away, escape, run like hell, argue, be disobedient than be obedient and passive. A person can become a whipping boy of Police, a trait of bullying is reverting to a victim the bully can safely hit. Some people are possessive. They do not like people leaving. Some people use other people to anneal themselves through pain they can inflict on another person. People can become ensnared and entrapped in its process. That is offences are sought, searched for and added to a growing list that one can never exit. A government arises to beat down a working person into welfare or push someone into prison, or issue another fine. To a big government, one person can be pushed about daily by a number of disconnected departments.

A person criminalized and demonized tries to leave and packs his bag, the zip of his bag breaks, the door jams, the car fails to start. Long term battered people may understand.

Commercial Crime

Everyone owes the “civil compliance” because they are revenue raising. Everyone has outstandings and is being forced to pay money. Everyone is being targeted for vehicle fines and has been for the last decade when the amount on fines rose 1000%.

Cold Blooded Murder

Incidents of cold blooded murder or 1st degree murder where the so called justice system exonerates the murderer because he is a employee of the military junta. Cases where one of the parties is unarmaed or too young to be harmful to a adult. Modern video footage depicts that a murderer can use the Police to play out his tendency. Incidents of lethal force on unarmed children, tasered to death, tasered to brain dead, torture and beatings. Timothy Runnels used a Taser on Bryce Masters for 28 seconds during the September 2014 incident. That's more than four times longer than officers are trained. He also handcuffed Masters and dropped him face-first into the pavement. Masters was in cardiac arrest and stopped breathing for four minutes before an ambulance arrived and medical personnel were able to resuscitate him. He survived the incident but suffered a traumatic brain injury and underwent 20 months of recovery that the family called “emotionally and physically exhausting.” Incidents like these are far too common, that the Police institution should be disbanded altogether. Almost all areas on Earth where people concentrate are there Police operating and somewhere in world someone is being beaten, tortured, tasered and murdered unjustly by Police. While millions of other people are having their lives ruined by non-fatal injury where the bullets did not kill, their lives ruined by their encounters with Police through emotional and mental stress that could lead to illness.

Tiers of Police

The big government scam has multiple tiers of police. One thinks uniformed Police are police but their are police for everything. Their are departments the average person has never heard of and types of police never heard of. They generally will flash a badge and say something like Rivers and Fisheries authority. Do you know its an offence to use powered boats in this area of the river.

  • Patrolling Officers
  • Criminal Investigators, Prosecutors, general and specialty.
  • Federal police
  • Border and Customs police
  • Transport police
  • International police (Interpol)
  • Secret police
  • Sheriffs
  • Transit police
  • Department of Motor Vehicle police
  • Council Inspector police
  • Socialist housing police
  • Fish & Wildlife police
  • Water police
  • Air police
  • Apartheid Police
  • Death Squads
  • many more
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