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Doing The Mindwork

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Returning to the nation state and the political map national boundary, the hegmon is usually a nation and also has all of these institutions attempting to balance local affairs with global affairs usually one at the expense of the other, the third institution of dominion and control is the military. At the base or head of every nations is a national military. The military originates with man in nature where the rewards from killing and thieving, successful means out of scarcity, producing fear or love in rivals and many other strategies are pioneered and those evolutionary traits take precedence in offspring. Mother nature makes killers and thieves, survivalists. At the core by sheer design of physik an adversary can be immobilized by damaging of vital organs, we see the phenomena when people squash bugs and kill insects with fly sprays to dissolve a problem. The simple act of killing and the perceived advantages is a rudimentary intelligence and at the core of human intelligence, such is the highest knowledge possible aa are mortal. Primitive man and all earthlings know such and have developed an aversion to damage or death usually felt as fear and pain avoidance, the reptilian brain is startled initially and fears the unknown a possibility of suffering damage. Evolutionary conditioning of about 4.5 billion years has instinctual man with a nature to murder, rape and steal for the fulfilment of primary and secondary human needs, food is histories greatest motivator. Modern militaries are a super scope of that microcosm, while woman on the other hand have been instinctual with association with successful man for the fulfilment of primary and secondary human needs. While this rudimentary nature is still modern man's functional philosophy and many men prosper by their primitive nature, their may be examples of more complex arrangements in modern society. Success enhances control and dominion which easily obtains tangible and virtual currency and socially.

Evolutionary biology, man is the product of survival, the evolution of it, the conscious and sub-conscious is a survival soup. We believe that the system gives the psychology. Psychology is because of the environment and with reference to the survival soup and not independent of it.

A man that is capable is reliable, it means a steady wage, a social freedom to offspring. Many seek to align with the competent and successful from them one can derive primary and secondary human needs more so than the underdeveloped psyche. Any aid from inheritance or otherwise is encouraged. You will seldom find successful people such as a monarch, doctor or lawyer without family or kin.

Studies show that full scale tribal war originated after a society of substantial wealth is developed where militaries can be supplied via division of labor. Tribes have their needs and they function so that they may survive and prosper. At a certain point of expansion duties are divided up, for example a faction of the tribe may concentrate on fishing, another faction on hunting and anthor on food preparation, health care, ceremonies and more. Armies can form. War may also have developed due to arguments over limited shared resources or natural tribal group boundaries. Prior to this tribes have stand offs, grandstand and other displays of forces where injury or death is limited, individuals still do a display of force with pushing or shouting in an effect to dominate, the pursuing engagement usually ends with associates other parties restraining the actors, the safety can cause a more aggressive response under restraint from the actors as they feel a higher level of protection. As the military always scholars to build expertise to overcome an adversary as you may learn from researching ancient battles such as Julius Caesar working with people so that they are able to overcome natural human behaviors that cause people to fear and run so that his military could be effective. This introduces a technology to ensure winning, a science of victory. Better personal, strategic and mechanical technology has superseded inferior generals throughout history, a simple and ancient strategy may thawt a novice general in our day. The technology of warfare is possibly the most sophisticated that man has to offer among all of the arts engineering and re-engineering all ideas that hold value not for war but for victory. Aside from weaponry and the search for new weaponry which is the biggest business on earth possibly second to drug trafficking as Sun Tsu says “The war is won before it is ever fought”, planning and organizational structures are valuable. All generals have their value, we have mentioned Julius Caesar and we must mention Alexander The Great Of Macedon, the greatest general in all of history and the philosophy of column and a line, units and how they should move relative to each other as well as the skill and technology of weaponry they employed.

Out in the field any and all rules go out the window and all manner of terrible and macabre things happen, mass murder, murder, rape, rape and murder of infants and children, torture and destruction occur and genocide with and without orders, because the hampering and killing is the solution. By nature, genocide is more likely to happen when counter military representation in the form of nationhood, diplomatic status is not present. Many people who return from military conflicts return damaged physically and mentally. Generally a person enlisting in the military should do their research prior to ascertain if he or she is making the right choice as when your signature hits their contracts you are effectively owned by the military disobedience incurs severe punishments and any attempt to leave without their permission will see you arrested and put in jail.

Technology also means that modern warfare is an absolute disaster on all involved regardless of outcomes, the invention of the nuclear bomb has seen a shift away from direct warfare between nuclear armed nations. Instead those energies have been redirected into secretive warfare, associated war, economic warfares, technology races and more. Competitions that do not align mammoths directly into armed conflicts. Intelligence agencies also conduct secretive military operations, not your conventional espionage or intelligence gathering but assassinations, sabotage, supply of armaments, creation and support of militias, political interference and other highly unethical non altruistic actions causing massive destabilization of functional societies, a revert to more hard line government and horrible atrocities. This clandestine interference by foreign governments is key to understanding the reality of the modern theater, because the actions of the nations are secret there are no checks and balances as a result unadulterated evil. Sovereignty can be dishonored without it leading to military armed conflict. Societies are generally shielded from clandestine warfare and those that know can only guess what is what and what is not.

Killing in modern societies is not an extra phenomenon it is a military in infancy, originating from gains made by the act of killing. From one person killing another, to gangs killing others, to militias and eventually to the modern militaries that exist. By nature not all these killing will result into a military that holds a domain and regulates the domain. We all kill whether we like it or not, it is an necessary aspect of life and no one that lives nor man or animal survives without killings and on a daily basis. It becomes apparent that this kind of behaviour enslaves communities and keeps them from enlightening and educating themselves to become more forward thinking and bigger, most people are afraid of dying and will frown on the behaviour, and many people will just plainly disagree with the senseless murder or things that give us joy, such as a teenager in the prime of his life face down in a gutter murdered over trivial reasons. I do not endorse killing things and I do not endorse militias or gangs, or militaries.

All but a few nations are formed or seize their legitimacy by military force. Some nations are still ruled openly by men in military uniform while other nations do not display this openly. Depending on the level of separation between government and military, some militarises have been displaced by governments but function as a Chief of the Generals or by compliance to structure provide the military service on request of government. Due to constant power struggle that exists between different groups the balance of power may be different in different societies. The scope of dominion and control of the military establishment is to a land mass bordered with another rival military where then the sphere of influence is in effect if any. To give scope, the armaments industry, the total war machine is bigger than all other industries out together folded.

Many are conditioned into believing this force does not exist in developed societies, this force is actually everywhere and rudimentary to the existence and longevity to the majority of nations and nationhood. If challenged they will come out of the woodwork and they will employ their solutions to maintain their status.

Society is indoctrinated with misinformation concerning the nature of the military, they may find something somewhat more terrible and amoral than imagined. Much propaganda is also used to deliver a positive view of the military and to persuade people of the value of its existence and support for its operations and objectives. National security can quickly morph in hegemony or a persuit for world domination. The requisition of power and value, dominion and control. From the success of these methods social hierarchy develops so that the perception of relevance of different things is weighted. The main problem is that these people are mass murderers devoid of all morals who would mame and kill your own children without raising an eyebrow. It is a fundamental error that such people have the highest relevance. People see their success and slowly are conditioned to become more like them which taints the whole system, as these people yield the highest concentration of power and value they can determine a social structure where the most violent succeed.

When a military defeats an adversary, it creates a situation in nature that there is no longer an adversaey and effectively the objective is achieved, the victor wins right of way. Today this is usually not the case as a time and place of settlement is not how warfare is conducted. Eastern cultures employ a prolonged and effective behaviour of skirmish and flee, raid and flee, hit and run, ieds are proving successful at grinding the adversary down. The American military machine is vulnerable in the expense of their mechanization and its massive machine which dwarfs has a maximum capacity for up to two conflicts and divide and conquer, clearly suggests that one nation can not be all that so one requires allies and even the formidable do not seriously fathom engaging each other openly.

As all things come to pass, so too does military occupation. The military solution is only momentary effective but ultimately flawed as other groups are forced to produce militaries that can contend, vibrant young groups replace tired old predecessors. The history of the world can easily be summarized through the frequent war. The war that established the nation and the war that ended it. This revolution seems mindless because what is replaced tends to be identical to what was there previously except for the new men in power and a technoloigical progression and a new vibrance. Responsibile people will need to work out how to move the situation away from the military solution and into a more fraternal code of conduct that does not collapse institutions only to replace them again and again, not command and control but good management. The Physik indicates that all empires will fall just as all men die.

Every now and then military people will use conscious raising terminology here are a few… enemies foreign and domestic, balance of power, global hegemony, situation awareness, the theaters of war being, air, land, sea, cyber becoming increasingly important as more peripherals and information is computerized, space possibly in some future time as China recently showcased technology that could disable satellites, hearts & minds. Terror by information, an effect to mention is when it is heard or believed by action, numbers or hype that a person or military is formidable its reputation grows and that is termed a sphere of influence (Stalin) defined as an area or region over which a state or organization has significant cultural, economic, military or political influence. Along with a sphere of influence, their is also a sphere of control and sphere of concern. Lateral pressure theory. Social science.

The military is the great deal breaker and is the second instiution, their is plenty of noise in a modern society but vai victus the buck does stop with the defence situation, with the most modern of nations with all their contemporary institutions are still only very much a smiling front for a highly militant regime. The Geo-military situation is at the top of the list and prompts the geo-politics, economics and so forth down the line. The most basic of social structures is the military government.

The military is not a benevolent organisation, nor is it a moral one. It kills, it steals, it rapes and it tortures men woman and children. Make no assumptions here please a surrender means torture and death. Land was and is and probably always will be the sole form of wealth and it is depended primarily on possession.

Individuals, you have it, you own it. you Keep it, You do not, then you fight and search to get some. What is more important that the actual ground, is the minerals in the ground, the fertility and how strategic it is in launching warfare and how strategic its in economic trade transit points.

The military is a big operation as such it requires systems of planning and organisation. In fact they pioneer much of the technology used to manage oneselves, resources and logistics. To the left is the organizational structure of a modern military.

The most effective organizational structures in the modern day is the massive and expensive American machine which we will looking at as an example, one may find interest in comparing historically and among different nations. The USA utilizes the best in machinery and technology, the ability to finance a superior military is crucial.

The Department Of Defence

The central brain of the American armed forces is the Department of Defense (also known as the Defense Department, USDOD, DOD, DoD or the Pentagon which is the brain of the operation charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with national security and the United States armed forces. The Secretary of Defense heads The Department of Defense. At periodic intervals key people meet in a room and discuss relevant issues relating to the USA, these meetings include the President, the Vice Presient, Secretary of Defense, the Chariman of the Joint Chief of Staff and others. At this level the roles of the Chariman of the Joint Chief of Staff, the Chiefs of Staff in air, naval, army and marines are concerned with their experience to provide effective aid and advice to the siutation. The meeting is held in a room called the situation room. Further down the chain the relative Chiefs of Staff in air, naval, army and marines provide experience to their departments. These lead to more management roles in relation to meeting qutoas and standards in terms of personnel, equipments, transportation, communications and so forth. The greater Department of Defence is also invested in funding technology, funding science, media relations and a wide wariety of other interesting activites. Operational command of the United States Armed forces on the ground is called the Unified Combatant Command with each unified command led by a Combatant Commander who is a four-star general or admiral. The Chain of Command for operational purposes (as per the Goldwater–Nichols Act) goes from the President through the Secretary of Defense to the Combatant Commanders, these encompass the entire globe but is not to say that they have hegmony which is certainly sought. Its theoretical to a large degree. USEUCom does not have access to Russia and many order areas are shitty to access.

Once can easily imagine what kind of capacity is required to have usability and maintainance of a global command and the kind of scrutiny open operations attract.

Clandestine Organization

The infamous and secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent (military has their own intelligence also) intelligence agency of the United States government. The agency reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence, with responsibility for providing national security intelligence assessment to senior United States policymakers. Intelligence gathering is performed by intelligence agents, many of whom are trained to avoid tactical situations. The CIA is not limited to information gathering or dealing with an emergent immediate threat, it is also strategically, tactically and operationally active engaging in covert activities at the request of the President of the United States. The operations are handled by the US military or other warfare tacticians (School Of The Americas) overseered by the CIA. The CIA is often used instead of the U.S military to avoid a declaration of war.

The CIA is massive and has companies that are behind many of the world companies such a CIA company is called In-Q-Tel that provides funds for companies that will aid CIA objectives and interests.

Underground Installations

Tunnels and underground spaces provide security and concealed movement. Elaborate underground tunnels, roads, storage areas, living areas exist. The stealth movement and secure storage of weapons and supplies is valuable for survival. Against a nuclear attack or a Cambrian like event. DUMBS standing for Deep Underground Military Bases are probably the most elaborate of these installations but they can be as simple as a tunnel from parliament to the hotel across the street or across town. Modern stealth railroads can transport people and supplies cross-country in secret. In Vietnam during the war with the USA along with their sheer unyielding defiance, tunnels played a key role in keeping the Vietnamese people alive.


Science is a department of the military, its ethos, its college regime all designed by the military, physics is a department of the military and scientists are under mind kontrol. The military produces much of the technology in many areas the big one were the use of war for business purposes or valuable assets otherwise you do not bother and the various philosophies such as the full spectrum dominance. the nuclear deterrent etc. Their is a strategy component one adversary rarely meets another on the same terms. Their is a technology component. Scientists from all over the world regardless of race, color or religion is brought together to work on technology. This program involves scientists working in secret installations on secretive projects, typical scenario is they agree to work for the government. Six months out of the year they live on base, work and get paid. The other six months is accumulated time off. These scientists tend not to know where they are working, they will meet at an initial location and then be transported to a location that they cannot discern. They tend not to know what projects they are working on, they only work on a portion of the complete project. More commonly the research, development is contracted possibly in a tender process to everyday companies, in fact the biggest corporations in the world are very cosy with the awarders of contracts. This need and supply of goods and services makes war profitable.


The development of diseases for use as weapons. Using the same method that created the Carolina Reaper, governments programs to create bio-weapons. Governments known to have active bio-weapons programs are United States, Russia, China.

Lab Aralsk 7 The USSR’s Anthrax Island

Chemical weapons programs, chemical weapons do not use a bio-agent to deliver death, instead they use a gas. Inhaling a gas may be poisonous or may inflict injury.

The Nuclear Deterrent

The theory that if you have nuclear weapons, it causes people to reject a plan to invade.

Wide Level Social Control

The control of institutions so that they are fake such as the media. The release of Wikileaks video on YouTube caused the DOD to alter YouTube and the Internet to shutdown the possibility of real information and media. We live in a far different world that we did twenty years ago. We live in a far more tyrannical environment. Its politicians are voice boxes for the military and international politicians also speak for them. The United States mixes national security with private corporate or business interests. National military grade surveillance network is used to advantage one company over another.

Information Agency

Global surveillance & intelligence. NSA department of the DOD. According to book of secrets, a children's book. Along with the below posters, it is also known by various whistle-blowers and leakers that your profile is being constructed constantly and automatically by computers in real time 24/7 and you can be tracked also in real time by spy satellites. You can choose to encrypt your life of take on an ideology of full disclosure that works both ways. Government have always kept data on populations to keep control, at various times the data has been used to exterminate people and groups based on an undesirable aspect of the information such as with Stalin Soviet Union, or to maintain a clique of control behind the scenes to disqualify anybody not approved such as with “dirt” politics. Government killing people/populations is the biggest cause of death by far. Yes, we all do live in a state tyranny its just a matter of how secret it is, most nations exist amidst imperial control and none of the hullabaloo is new, don't be afraid. For the long term their may be declassification program.


The military is an organization that kills and destroys to get what it wants. You cannot surrender to a military you fight a military, that is sadly the only real option. Beware that… all military including your nations military have conducted and do conduct genocide, all militaries including your nations military have conducted and do conduct mass rape of woman, all militaries including your nations military have conducted and do conduct torture and torture until death, all militaries including your nations military DO NOT make distinction between civilian and military. These are facts not the propaganda.

History shows that it is core will of the people that ultimately decides the outcome. Actions where Apex require to incite or go against the desire of the people, or have to impose a situation will certainly always fail. It is also those groups that begin wars that at most times end defeated. Regimes that degrade the peoples lifestyle and the opportunity for them to meet their primary and secondary needs, require them to impose their will on the people of some other ideal are destined to fall. History also show that reliance on the military to achieve success does not function as imagined.

What do you think will happen if there is there no one to oppose command and control? The cameras will go out and the purification will begin. The military is first force in the human social structure…

  • The Business of War SOFEX

Some Strategies

  • The better triangle, your mesh should stand up to their attacks and their mesh should be breached by your attack.
  • Fighting with construction of walls
  • Sun Tzu - The Art Of War
  • Creating adversaries or maintaining and fuelling deadlock as a third party
  • The 5th column
  • Active measures - agents of influence
  • The mind controlled military cult, recruit, sort and train, attack
  • Honeypot, honeytrap
  • The false flag attack
  • Energy, access and resource control
  • Being prepared at all times
  • Force depletion - via politics such as U.N resolutions or via unnecessary entanglements
  • Nature calls - while nature grant's them victory, pay them away, when nature turns on them attack to eliminate.
  • Death By A Thousand Cuts, attack, retreat, repeat over a long period of time
  • Asymmetric and Symmetric concepts.
  • Plan A, B, if plan a fails, plan b goes into effect.
  • Finding a donor party that will pay the costs of war
  • Manipulation of group psychology
  • Biological Warfare - coughing on people
  • Bribes, contributions, pacification payments or protection arrangements, other Monetary schemes, such as extortion, debt bondage, permits and licenses.
  • Turning a rally into a revolution by planting state owned assets into the crowd
  • Neutral until a winner can be predicted.
  • Outnumber v. Strategy, Hit-and-run tactics, traps, crevice, ambush, rush the command, the column and the line…
  • False Retreat - strategy pioneered and used to deadly effect by Julius Caesar, see Julius Caesar
  • Charge - a direct brute force attack overwhelming the opponent by the speed and directness of the attack, the adversary may be disabled in an overwhelming blow before he has a chance to defend or gain any composure.
  • Ambush - An attack on an opponent, usually involving surprise, surprise is an effective military asset, this may be done by hiding forces along a road and pouncing on an unsuspecting target, or it may be achieved by dividing your forces in two groups taunting the adversary to one group of your forces but in order to reach them they will cross your second group who is hiding, unsuspecting they will pass and will be ambushed. Ambush have formations such as a V, X or Z ambush. A false retreat could force the adversary into a waiting ambush.
  • Encirclement - To isolate and surround enemy forces. Encirclement opens up the sides and rear of the adversary, the attack from all sides is deadly.
  • Feint - To draw deceptive attention to another point of the battle where little or nothing is going on.
  • Blitzkrieg - A bombardment immediately followed by a lightning swift attack by mobile forces, concentrating overwhelming force at high speed to break through enemy lines, and, once the lines are broken, proceeding without regard to its flank. Through constant motion, the blitzkrieg attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.
  • Counterattack - An attack after an enemy has attacked, usually when the enemy is weak or complacent.
  • Flanking manoeuver - This strategy involves attacking the opponent from the side, or rear, flank.
  • Human wave attack - Humans used to attack in continuous waves, almost in a desperation move.
  • Penetration - A direct attack through the enemy lines, then attack the rear once through.
  • Pincer manoeuver - Allowing the enemy to attack the center, sometimes in a charge, then attacking the flanks of the charge.
  • Raiding - Attacking with the purpose of removing enemy's supply or provisions.
  • Siege - Continuous attack by bombardment on a fortified position, usually by artillery, a siege also involves cutting the supply lines and starving the enemy into surrender.
  • Turning maneuver - An attack that penetrates an enemy flank, then curls into its rear to cut it off from home.
  • Pincer ambush - A “U” shaped attack, keeping the sides concealed and have the middle fall back. When the enemy advances the sides ambush them.
  • Air-Naval bombardment possibly supplemented by Special Forces type Operations - used with Daisy Cutters early in Afghanistan War to effectively oust Enemy from their eastern Afghanistan caves. Used in WWII and subsequent wars before invading. In Vietnam, bombing of the North was partly ineffective because most of the Enemy was in the South, having entered via the Ho Chi Minh trail.
  • Distraction - An attack by some of the force on one or two flanks, drawing up to a strong frontal attack by the rest of the force.
  • Interior lines - This strategy involves placing ones forces in between the enemy forces and attacking each in turn. This allows ones forces to have better communications and allows one to mass all of ones forces against a part of the enemies
  • Refusing the Flank - Putting the minimal number of troops required to hold out against an enemy attack while the rest of the army launches a counterattack through the enemy flank. Often, the strategy involves using some sort of important location as bait to bring the enemy to war on unfavorable terms for them.
  • Scorpion Attack - A Pincer Attack that is supplemented by an air strike.
  • Palisidian Wave-Block Attack - A long horizontal line of about 500 soldiers, “wave”, attack immediately followed or assisted by a solid square or rectangle, “block”, of about 500 soldiers and then if needed another smaller “wave” of about 80 soldiers and another “block” of about 20 generals or senior officers.
  • Divide and conquer - use the battlefield to divide up into manageable portions that are easier to dispose of.
  • Moles and Cells - maintains the idea of being an ally, privately acts as a foreign interest. Simply denies he is a mole. A cell is either aware or a mind controlled person that acts by being triggered or accessed. In certain types of government moles can be devastating, such as socialism. Ultimately moles are removed by feeding them individual false information.
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