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Doing The Mindwork

Speak not of the hegemon

It is the aspiration of certain nations to achieve world domination. The hegemon is the most powerful nation, as the ancient Hellenic city states hustled for superiority, one eventually became prominent, called the hegemon and nations under the “protection” of the hegemon are imperialized. The hegemon has hegemony and imperium.

Just as with the polis, the hegemon also utilizes systems, methodologies to maintain hegemony or status quo. Beyond military threat, these may not include pacifying institutions as well as active organizations, such as the United Nations and international law or organization involved in international banking. The hegemon may not also seek monopoly on resources and strategic control to maintain status quo. It may not enforce financial control or energy control or some other control. For example energy needs to be mined if the mining of energy requires a finite resource for the drill bits perhaps then the hegemon will monopolize that resource using military or scams. The methodology cause power to fight over objects of power or in the pursuit of global domination nations also utilize distinct methodologies, for example a nations strategy to see the world as a chess board, blocking routes of access. Perhaps exploiting vulnerabilities in humans physiology such as the hegelian dialectic where competing hegemons herd everyone else into one or the other. Order out of Chaos and use of conflict to grand theft.

Geopolitical theories, strategies of achieving hegemony such as Sir Halford John Mackinder's Heartland theory detailed in a paper in 1904 called “The Geographical Pivot of History.” Mackinder's paper suggested that the control of Eastern Europe was vital to control of the world. Mackinder postulated the following, which became known as the Heartland Theory: Who rules Eastern Europe commands the Heartland, Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island and Who rules the World Island commands the world. The “heartland” he also referred to as the “pivot area” and as the core of Eurasia, and he considered all of Europe and Asia as the World Island. Alfred Thayer Mahan, His book The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660–1783, The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire, 1793–1812, suggests that sea power, sea domination, marinism, control of the sea allows for control of the Earth. Other strategies and theories such as keeping your enemy off of the Asian land mass.

Like any brand, hegemons also have a brand that brands them acceptable to dirty to extreme and intolerable. The hegemon perhaps deceptive, secretly brutal and publicly benign or brutal and secretive, overly sweet toothed. Such displays win the other nations favour or disdain, the people and the nations favour or their hatred.

Those imposed by the hegemon also utilize various strategies for their safety, other than opting to openly challenge the hegemon, he may gravitate to the lessor of two evils. For every nation and its people the international or external forces are at play. Every nation must practice some form of international politics or international strategy to survive. From awarding contracts, giving over the nations facilities, holding all wealth in the hegemons treasury and other kinds of non-institutional pacifications. Weak nations require to form pacts to deter strong nations and even a hegemon.

Power attracts the worse kinds of people and so the hegemon suffers from internal and external weakness inherit in large systems. Like the young they think they will live forever but like the greatest of boxers they grow old and weak and die and when then they are easily defeated. The Soviet Union was active in recruiting nations into its sphere of influence and a resurgent Russia and Asia is abound.

Tradition Versus Systems

Traditionally contiguous annexation was the strategy for reaching world domination. The empires attacked and incorporated beyond their borders until they faced resistance by nature or man and dammed. The two forms. One the handbook that address the current situation and recommends the plan forward, it reads Machiavellian and is adopted by the leadership and worked on. The second, the idealogical book that forms the basis of the movement such as the Bible or Marxism, e.g God or Communism calls for empire.

Along with traditional method applicable to empires even up to the British and Soviet Union, a system of organization that establishes agency for empire like the League Of Nations. Following is a focus on the what is called the Washingtonian Institutions and their parallel world wide operation quest for world domination. “Globalism”

World War II was the deciding argument over who owns what on Earth. The ambition of the United States to be the empire caused the British to forfeit in advance and save itself from devastation. The agreement for war ended world power in Europe and placed it towards the United States. The first work to do when there is uncontested power is to create an adversary as it is well known that if there is an adversary neither party can win regardless of will, the British went about proposing the paradigm of the Soviet Union as an adversary for the USA and world hegemony dashed. Those that financed the world war have been working to bring Asia into their financial empire proper. Socialism and worker rights caused corporations to relinquish more benefits to the workers, minimum wage, heath care and more. This cause corporations to seek alternative labour in countries that were willing to support slave labour and so Asia has become the base for mass production of products as its slave labour allows the corporation to maximise profits and grow more powerful.

The elites also see large parts of the world outside of their sphere of influence and like corporation also seek to grow, many nations of the world are untaxable and unbankable.

This slow re-organization of structures on a world level increases the level of control will continue without end, towards global micro level enslavement for all, exempt the elite group. The elite group is made up of American Industrialists proper, they are not the former British Elite group who have sought to integrate with the American Industrialists through copulation and intercourse and to some success their is some continuity. These international organizations are their organizations which they created, they are not a national production as assumed. For identification let's call them the Anglo-Judeo-American Group, Esso and Co.

The deadlock is addressed by a round robin system and a lull to the traditional master/slave model. The central control system of world domination has issues and thinkers and hoped to resolve the issues by introducing a round robin system, where power is shared on a century basis. The holder of the token chooses where the next century of focus will be. The centralized control is deemed to be irreconcilable short of world war and round robin relaxes power issues. It was understood that if an adversary exists world hegemony will be impossible and in such a case it is better to forfeit the role of empire rather than spend it as a result the system may be shifting to a century duration round robin system, a continental sharing of power causing larger nations to get bigger and smaller nations to disappear resulting in a non-national elite power group and the rest.

Round Robin is a scheduling algorithm where each is assigned a fixed time slot in a cyclic way. It is simple, easy to implement, and starvation-free as all get fair share of time.

Central Control, an organization that acts on behalf of its shareholders or donors, that works to monopoly and implements a regime. Is an existential threat both to existing organizations and to individuals that disagree.

Poly-Centrism - is multiple centres of power.

The New World Order

What we know

They call the world hegemony project “The New World Order” or “a new world order” if a politician wants to appear casual.

One of everything, one government, one religion, one law, one bank, one military. The United States Of America as a microcosm of the United Nations of Earth. New York State is called the Empire State, names places after nations as a play concept of a world government system.

Those that know America also know that power is a magnet for the worst kinds of people. The USA is completely dysfunctional and the example of what not to do or be and all are now aware of their nefarious ambitions. Its toxic mentality and the end result of trash, human degradation and pollution should be a warning to all. It is also crucial to understand that this system is almost completely concerned with global theft of all value into the hands of a few corporations with governments and international organizations as their henchmen and gatekeepers of the share holders. War is not about winning and losing as much as it is about selling arms, poisoning people and stealing resources of value, the side effects are the main effect as per Alfred Nobel the arms dealer and the Nobel peace prize. The gains for the elites or the share holders differs diametrically with what face nations and peoples, at the expense of nations and peoples. A case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in a multitude of ways. The aristocrats, monarchs and the popes want preservation and to alter all things for their preservation so this order a prison planet. All those that disagree, suppressed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Monopolizing the world to a few select people and imprison everyone else.

The elites as they are termed have been working on these project for about one hundred years.

Here are some delegations of supra national organisations.

World Government

The idea of world government goes back to early 20th century, an ongoing project. Resurging after WWII, failing and again after the cold war with George Bush New World Order speech. The idea is simple global government, monopolization and humanity imprisoned, enslaved.

The information you have has been doctored by aristocrats and therefore the entire narration is a fabrication based on interests. For example Australia was called New Holland prior to the English arriving yet all the children are taught that Captain Cook discovered Australia. This type of doctoring of information is widespread and so most that you have been taught may not be the actual case.

These international projects are almost always concerned with concentrating wealth and power to the fewest people as possible. The problem is it runs up against leaders of nations and others that are not interested in being fooled into giving away their monetary base like the United States did with the Federal Reserve system when they could have printed their own money and have it not be debt with interest to a handful of shareholders. The European Union is another attempt at such a scam, as it proceeds the collectivism and taxation increase and nations become surfs, taking orders in return for loans or are punished. These parties are active in organization creation to advance and expand economic tyranny, be it energy monopolization, more global economy and so on.

The massive land mass of the Russians and those that prefer them to “the West” means some kind of alternative, as people become more aware of the west Russia becomes more attractive, with a history of steady annexation expanding where possible, making agreements to break them when it suits. The Russian do not follow words, ideologies, moral or otherwise which leaves them able to kill without caveat or accountability. Too bad, we are big, we are Russia. Russia has also engaged in economic hobby of resource trade. Russia may even hold more influence over China than the United States even China has been developed by the United States.

Inter-Governmental Organization - IGO

Intergovernmental organizations, also known as international governmental organizations (IGOs): Include…

  1. The United Nations (UN)
  2. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
  3. Council of Europe (CoE)
  4. European Union (EU)
  5. World Trade Organization (WTO).
  6. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  7. The United Nations Subsidiary Bodies
  8. The United Nations Specialized Agencies
  9. Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
  10. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  11. World Health Organization (WHO)…
  12. Interpol International Police (UN)
  13. World Bank
  14. The Universal Postal Union
  15. The World Customs Organization (WCO)
  16. World Nature Organization (WNO)
  17. many more…

The UN has used the term “intergovernmental organization” instead of “international organization” for clarity, they play with definitions to hide the simple idea of either an attempt at theft of wealth or to guards against their wealth being stolen. The United Nations is a tool of Washington for as a continuation of manifest destiny. The protection of an aristocrat is an international organization.

Following in the wake of the failed League of Nations (1919-1946) (which the United States never joined) the United Nations was established in 1945. The earliest concrete plan for a new world organization was begun under the aegis of the U.S. State Department in 1939. Franklin D. Roosevelt first coined the term 'United Nations' as a term to describe the Allied countries. The term was first officially used on 1 January 1942 when 26 governments signed the Atlantic Charter, pledging to continue the war effort.

It was decided to locate the UN headquarters in the E United States. In Dec., 1946, the General Assembly accepted the .5 million gift of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., to buy a tract of land along the East River, New York City, for its headquarters. The principal buildings there, the Secretariat, the General Assembly, and the Conference Building, were completed in 1952. The Dag Hammarskjöld Memorial Library was dedicated in 1961.

Originally it was composed largely of the Allies of World War II, mainly European countries, Commonwealth countries, and nations of the Americas. Close cooperation among members was expected; the Security Council especially was expected to work in relative unanimity. Hopes for essential accord were soon dashed by the frictions of the cold war, which affected the functioning of the Security Council and other UN organs (organs make up a body, a term used by Medics).

The charter had envisaged a regular military force available to the Security Council and directed the creation of the Military Staff Committee to make appropriate plans. The committee—consisting of the chiefs of staff (or their deputies) of the Big Five—was unable to reach agreement, with the USSR and the other four states on opposing sides; thus no regular forces were established. The charter anticipated that regional security agreements would supplement the overall UN system, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organization of American States, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, and the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

Since the inception of the UN there had been a steady growth of feeling that the organization should comprise all the nations of the world. By the late 1950s the UN was being revolutionized by an accelerating increase in membership. The clear majority of the United States and its allies disappeared and transferred to the other members, having lost its automatic majority in the assembly, the United States joined the Soviet Union in limiting UN power and authority, mainly by keeping major issues within the purview of the Security Council and the veto, with inaction the usual result.

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China and the United Nations: A New World Order - Anders Corr

The new world order will mean United Nations 2.0, with a new international location, new building and more powers deterring unilateralism and invasion and other out of system actions such as international sanctioning and unresolved disputes.

Some of the more commonly mentioned department of the United Nations are…

The Word Bank and International Monetary Fund (Bretton Woods system)

Quest for US global economic control

140 Years Of History In 10 Minutes Mike Maloney
What Is The Petro-dollar

On winning WWII, the right to implement their World Economic Order. Originally setup to rebuild Europe after the WWII afterwards becomes a system where insiders can put their money and be assured returns by a) taxation and by b) imposing conditions to economics. The majority of loans are printed money via the USA and monetised as public debt, returns come from taxes citizens pay which goes to service these loans and is paid to IMF share holders consisting of the Royalty of the world and the people behind the biggest corporations. A system of debt bondage with force. The IMF is a business for elites to profit from loans backed by the U.S military. The IMF lends money for structural adjustments in countries going through crises contrastly borrowing from the World Bank has no “structural adjustment” purposes. The World Bank's original name is “International Development and Reconstruction Bank”, the IRDB. It was conceived together with the IMF, but for a different purpose. Usually loans and “project aid”. Loans (usually with a high “grant” element, meaning [briefly] that the loan is conceded below market rates, and/or with a long term for payment and/or with a long “hold on time” before it actually starts being repaid); or it can finance a specific project (such as building a dam; a school; hospital etc.). As to interest rates, both usually operate below market standards. You should notice, however, that the IMF is a “last resort” bank: it will not concede any loans if the country can still borrow from private creditors. Once a crisis sharpens, however, no private creditors will want to lend any more. And as to the World Bank, given the “grant element” in its loans. As to penalties for not paying back, that is highly controversial. In William Easterly's “The white man's burden” (2006) (a book about foreign aid), he says that the fact that many countries did not repay IMF loans did not prevent them from getting more loans. Indeed, many countries spent more than half of their “existing time” (notice that many of the borrowers were former colonies “born” after World War II) under IMF loans…

Of late the Chinese are also using an international loans system.

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NGO - Non-Governmental Organization

  • International non-profit organizations. Examples include the World Organization of the Scout Movement, International Committee of the Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières…
  • International corporations, referred to as multinational corporations. Examples include The Coca-Cola Company and Toyota…

IGFO - Inter-Governmental Front Organizations

The example of this type of organization, is the British backed United States Historical Society established in the U.S.A and by all accounts it is a patriotic foundation that sought to gain clandestine control and authority over the national historical archives of the United States and the curriculum of the education system for their purposes, possibly with the intention of doctoring and controlling the view Americans have of the British in the present and in the past and also to align the policy towards the British policy or possibly to dumb it down. The employees of this front organization are all normal unsuspecting United States citizens and do their work accordingly but at the highest levels the organization has an association with British intelligence and at times can determine what information is deemed valuable or worthless.

The Secret Bilderberg Group

A secret meeting of the world most influential people to co-ordinate a contiguous structure of control. They met in secret until they were discovered and they subsequently denied being a secret organization. David Rockefeller was very much into these types of organization creation and was involved in many of these groups and shareholder in all of the monetary groups including the IMF and Federal Reserve. He has since passed on and it appears that his second is not as enthusiastic about these movements.

Inside Story - How powerful is the Bilderberg group
What is Davos CNBC Explains (another group)

Bank Of International Settlements BIS

Bank Of International Settlements, created to handle German war reparations after WWI, now the bank of banks. It pre-dates the IMF and Word Bank. The central banking system appears to have been started by Rothschild and via Warburg called the Federal Reserve, it also involves the most richest people such as the Rockefeller who hold certificates in ownership of the respective banks. While amoral, it is not the be all end all in all matters but is useful in aiding and maintaining monopoly over the economic system. The European Monetary Institute comes via the BIS and is the central point for European monetary policy.

BIS - Secret History of Bank of International Settlements Switzerland
Bank for International Settlements Federal Reserve's Central Bank - A Deeper Look

We Talk Of Organizations, Corporations & Families, Heads Of Families

We talk of organizations, corporations and then families and heads of families. Take for example the Saudi royal family, their major organization is Aramco (oil) and the companies beneficiary is that family by far and there it leads to a head of the family and such is the structure that the organizations we speak of that do not have commerce are instead banking and damming structures to keep the commerce structures functional. As there are many people that complicate and interfere in the structure and so the remedy are organizations that treat the interference. For example the government is a sand bag wall to hold off so that position and commerce proceeds because such persons are so wealthy compared to everyone else that they warp the structure.

Their systems almost always adopt the structure of the shareholder or stakeholder. In the stock exchange this is public while the more lucrative the scheme the more exclusive and private the market.

These organizations seek to obfuscate the nature of man with -cracy, -ism, gods, goodness, values, organizations and … The reason for all war since the first war is his quest for sole world domination and all its spoils and such is the at the heart of all his business.

A single world order threatens other nations irrationally and it also destroys individuals it does not like and therefore whatever the few advantages the disadvantages are great.

The formation of the European Union was the next attempt and forming world government, by forming superstates out of continents there would be fewer decision makers and so a dictate could encompass large areas. These dictates eventuated in economic extortion of smaller nations and multi-national suppression of political individuals the US for example did not like. The New World Order is a private military commune.

The New World Order has called the Asian century, the US defeat in Vietnam, its limited success in Korea and its incompatibility with Russia means that it can never achieve world domination in its current form and its designers pondered the situation and thus China is seen as the next doctrine in its purest form.

Empire has a life cycle and so avoid instead secure your claims as normal. Shift away from multiculturalism and instead focus on homogeneous harmony, one race represented by one state and maintained in that form. Asian nations should reject Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They should reject the formation of Jewish enclaves and synagogues.

The death of David Rockefeller has left the NWO in a kind of limbo as he played such a central role in the pursuit.

The Chinese might reject the United Nations and the global empire model, and instead enforce its claims only.

The Nobel model is profit from war, the contract to supply arms is the largest industry in the world. When the war stops these business cease to operate, such is the case for Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite. Just like fire fighters light the fires and then charge to put them out, a scam in ancient Rome. The returns on war business is the profit to a number of families and their fund, each year they are presented with their funds manager and told how much their profits have increased. When war stops or ends their is a problem and the department of defence immediately seeks new issues and new enemies to focus on. This is why some nations do not have a standing army the prior was a warning about the military industrial complex. The military must then be mused into a situation and kept there to consume it resource and the arms manufacture companies restrained. When it was attempted to end the war after the 99% majority of people in the world screamed “stop fighting” they went away for a time and began creating issues in other places and eventually went back to its war, searching frantically for war so stopping the war is not the solution when their is a military industrial complex.

Lucifer The God Of The Elites

Origin Of God
The Myth of Prometheus

The elites are entirely concerned with increasing their hold over power without caveat and such is no religion. While there have been reports that the elite have made for themselves a religion based on Lucifer. They erect iconography with Lucifer at its centre. Architecture, art, sculptures exhibit death and destruction for mankind and salvation for the elite, simply praise Lucifer or are designed for magic for example the design seeks to conjure Lucifer or enslave humanity. The cremation of care ritual has been filmed which showed that decisions that cause the death of millions is to be uncared about or absolved. These rituals take from ancient rituals such as Baal and Molech which are ritualistic human sacrifice religions.

It is important to understand that the elite are born into privilege and some into impunity and that effects their maturity. There are incidents of out of control privileged children that torture, rape, murder, take with impunity, paedophilia syndicates, person in their 80's attending orgies and so on. You might assume that rational atheism is the religion of the elite or egoism and funding is their religion.

Lucifer translated means Lightbringer, Lightbearer, Bringer of Dawn, Shining One, or Morning Star. The first visible star in the sky in the morning is the morning star, the darkness ends with the morning star, coming out of the darkness and into the light, also coincides with Prometheus who taxed fire from Mt. Olympius and thus brings the light to humanity. There is also the story of Enki and Enlil. The God of the Bible means to be Enlil who is ambivalent towards man, so he is fashioned for common man to reveal the ways of the aristocrats. The Asians see the situation as a dragon, that either the construction of the empire is a dragon or there is a non-human character who advises to the construction of the empire of which the throne resides which is a dragon.

The Bully Complex & The Queenie Complex

Some people believe in equality, while others both male and female are motivated by privilege, institutions offer a means for such persons to find privilege. For example a police, diplomat, judge, priest or royal will have privilege compared to a human being. Privilege is opposite to Plato's Republic.

The Male Psyche.

The main complex of the hegemon is the bully complex. It states; a bully will hurt with impunity until it meets a counter force where he suddenly evaporates. That is a bully will injure others but will cower when greeted by another with ample power to resist out of fear of not being injured.

States work to create the large difference for example diplomatic immunity and weapons technology and so on, so they can injure without recourse while states must work to not let that difference occur “the gap”. If that is done correctly you get world peace, when that work is neglected you get punished through unilateral wars, invasions and theft.

A wavelength of power versus a balance of power. If your adversary has a gun, you must also show him you have a gun and so on. If he comes back and attempts to say he has a bigger gun that you cannot afford, you need to produce a fear creating counter weapon and as long as you do this he will be in flee. This state causes him to feel as if he is being overcome which causes him to make even bigger weapons and other strategies.

The Female Psyche.

The female psyche instead is the Queen complex. They demand immunity, trial by their own hearsay without proof and so on. They also want pions to worship them. And they will cause reject of person that do not beckon to their every whim. The creation of this system requires privilege and it is against the impartial system, the female psyche will always implement privilege against uniformity. Their system requires first class travel, 5 start hotels and where they lack, males to call upon. Once the privileged system is instituted they can create their Queenie order with themselves at the top.

These complexes are macro represented in the greatest of affairs.

The Colony or Specialized Polis

Speak of the history of hegemony, a hegemon may seek to create a specialized polis or a colony, today these are within a nation state while in Ancient Greece they were colonies devised by wealthy persons belonging to aristocracy. The point to note is that specific things were tried not just alternative forms of governments but the theme of polis, for example the medical polis, was purely specialized for medicine and medical research, as its function were entirely civil, people respected its non-military form and perhaps its security was ultimately the affair of the hegemon. Today the type of government is imperialized upon the captives, however in the past one implemented the type of government that could best fulfil the outcome, for example navy and democracy as democracy produces optimates, bring them up and send them out. The Roman system could change type of government if the situation called for, that is they could call dictator in an emergency.

Imperial practices include colonization, historically primitive or native tribes have been pushed aside and a settlement initiated. These settlements can be designed for a purpose and a type of government can be chosen to facilitate a purpose, some examples include… Jail (see Australia), trade posts and ports bringing wealth back to mother country, military colonies (see Sparta) which instituted a very right wing government structure, a polis run by business leaders who each pay a share to be included, pure race or eugenic colony, Ibiza sex colony with its giant golden penis obelisk, the area of permanent vacuum for permanent state of war or otherwise, centres for “learning”, nature reserves, refugee city, mercenary nation provides services to other nations in return for money. Other imperial practices include experienced nations seeding nations by providing expertise without imperialism and the previously mentioned vampirac, extortion model. The Greeks did this to reveal the character of different types of government. The development of the nuclear bomb was in fact a “make nuclear bomb society”. Along with specialized colonies, there are also national projects or the national challenge such as the Japanese national robot, Asimo, the national space rocket…

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