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Doing The Mindwork

Today you feed the little crocodile, tomorrow the crocodile eats you.

The next most powerful institution of dominion and control is the government usually heavily co-opted by other fraternities, militants, banks, business, aristocracy. Fundamentally groups and titles are derived from family structures who are either military or have a military wing. Chiefs, elders, patriarchs, monarchs, the president and similar titles can be and are derived the majority of times from family and family succession. The select group of ruling families expand to form the aristocratic society, they denote tribal chiefs to the Egyptian Pharaohs, to the Roman aristocratic political system, to the royal families of Europe. In the modern day the majority of systems of government are either royal family, succession type systems, monarchies or constitutional monarchies or constitutional non-family and non succession presidential or semi-presidential based systems, theoretically open to all freeborn male citizens.

A successful family “usually called “The Royal Family” establishes itself over the domain and is called the government. It operates business over the domain and across domains. The group enjoys a lavish lifestyle while the people are suppressed.

It is not a conspiracy theory, it is the government, its numerous agencies and its multi-tier enforcement personnel operate heavily in the domain, monitor all things and interfere daily and widely. People shut their senses and mind to the the amount of subjection and then say I have not noticed it. The governments of the world span from simply militants as government to civilians as government, civilian control is often seen as a prerequisite feature of a more relaxed situation by cause that government form out of military success governments are generally more butchers and torturers than state craft professionals. The state is the largest murderer of humans historically and more recently. Its policies are either prohibiting or taxing and not much more. Populations live in fear and hiding.

  • Taxes, as many as 1000 different taxes from import, income…
  • Permits, at a cost
  • Licenses, at a cost
  • Registrations, at a cost.
  • Fines, myriad of revenue raising fine such as road fines.
  • Duties, another word for taxes.
  • Security checks, body and bag searches.
  • Threats from Police, and other departments.

Their is no activity that a person can perform without being molested by the government and it is only getting worse. Nations do not have freedoms, they have police and taxes. Taxes go to pay the interest on international bond markets. Anyone can buy bonds and their is interest and principal paid back to the buyer over maturity or 10 year period and to pay the interest on the bonds, it comes from taxes and the myriad of other payments made to government. The types of persons who own these bonds are the Royalty of the world opting for bonds by cause it is a safe way to earn interest.

If there is one lesson that socialism has taught is that weak governments, get replaced with strong governments and that extreme governments are abandoned and do not last. So there resides an indisputable reality. The other lesson is that corruption is the resulting state of many systems and feeling affirmed by socialism or another ism will simply lead to state initiated violence and theft because these are the two fundamental behaviours of human nature.

Today the world is moving towards national capitalism with private capitalism in a battle it cannot win. The juggling of war or national security and national capitalism is a complete disaster. It turns the lemonade stand into a knife fight turning the market into a battle field that is incompatible with the customer experience.

To map a government means hundreds if not thousands of departments from federal, state, local councils to the many agencies and departments, to associated agencies, select companies that are funded, to the millions of people employed by them, to the massive amount of rules, regulations, taxes and payments.

When war subsides in the form of bombs and guns a government may take form. The military has effective control and a government forms usually in the context of the type of government. If a monarch is victorious then the monarchy is the government, some places are governed directly by the military, some are religious or clergy based government and so on depending on the situation.

It then performs operations to maintain it power, this can lead to democide, beatings, suppression and oppression, subjection and other means otherwise the government will be taken over by the people and their is no government that is taken over by the people and their never has been or will be. There is however a possibility for militancy to be somewhat minimized and instead replaced with a threat of force and less destructive warfare, social order, domestic control.

A government is the body within an organization that has authority to make and the power to enforce laws, regulations, or rules, issue money. It uses a police force which is a domestic militia to keep people from taking over the government. It also uses soft power mean such as laws, taxes, propaganda, religions, monetary and many other means.

The people are rendered to a crafted naivety or mental illness where black is white and episodes of spontaneous blindness. They live under threat and alter their behaviour in relation to the threat. The manipulation of the people is a guide called “The Dictators Playbook” and describes all the tactic that politicians use to persist in power.

Acts Of Privilege, Bribing For Rites

The government has made its place by military victory and only military defeat can replace the government and that power is privilege against non-combatants using laws and para-militaries.

  1. The use of government to institute privilege into law. Such as the Federal Reserve Act.
  2. Selling the rites. If a person wanted to conduct some kind of business he would have to bribe the politician or the police to be permitted to operate. Today this has gone from a back room deal, over dinner exchange of envelopes to an open display of advertises the rites and then choosing one group over another. When you drive a motor vehicle, you must obtain a license and pay the fee. In actual fact you are buying a license, a behaviour that stems from the system of bribery, a racquet or to hide a real system of bribery.

The Economy

After killing, theft is the second human behaviour in the hierarchy of human nature, so we get “the economy”. Money is a printed piece of paper with numbers on it issued by the government or an international banking cartel called “the central bank”. They can print as much money as they desire with caveat to inflation which causes the value of the paper to decline, they also need to have a certain amount of these papers in circulation at all time of deflation occurs. Thus all government programs can be funded by staving off deflation instead those funds go to pay bonds to the royalty of the world and people remain poor. These international fiat current systems are rigged.

As the government is the issuer of currency, power and wealth is largely concentrated around government and those it issues money to or permits. If their is money in the world it prompts people to generate not only theft and scams but also goods and services and those goods and services keep the Polis maintained.

Their are 6 ways in which nations are funded…

  1. Debt markets where government bonds and securities can be purchased. Such as, these include domestic owned companies so not all the debt is foreign. This website has done a p.r rework to appear publicly benign. Such is the website prior.. snapshot-www-publicdebt-treas-gov-alexander-hamilton.jpg compared to the latest one, screenshot_2019-11-26_17-10-39.png
  2. Taxation is used to pay for government expenditures and for interest on debt bonds or the balance of the bonds themselves depending on government monetary policies. The people's labour pays the interest on bonds purchased by private parties and or governments.
  3. Printed into existence by the government mint, either fiat, cheque or digitally at an accepted level of inflation or deflation to maintain currency at a desired value. These are called deficit spending.
  4. Created by banks, where in a closed banking system only the difference is settled between the banks or debt or credit promises are exchanged.
  5. Printed and not recorded. Black budget.
  6. Legitimized through trade, import and export. Trade attracts foreign capital which is extra money that can be used for projects. Iran contra affair where arms sales to Iran were used to fund the Contras in south America. Resource rich nations sell for example oil and fund the nation through this sale. Coveted international resources using deals, bribes and even military actions.
  7. Forcing nations to use your currency under a threat of violence. This allows expansion in its demand easing printing constraints. See petro-dollar. Not included as one of the six as it is not a common method.

Human have needs that are unavoidable and so a civil system is required. The American civil system of the mid 50's, the British implementations in its colonies and the many ancient contributions, even socialism has provided beneficial additions. This is called schema or a design. Every nation struggles with inflation of fiat currency. This debasement is more commonly known as inflation. Inflation means that the amount of currency required to buy rises. A car was purchasable for 10 in the early 1900's which rose steadily to 40,000, 80,000 or more by the end of the century and will continue to rise.

Big Brother Is Watching

The pyramid is the elite groups that rises beyond the rest and the government as the gatekeeper of this group. The eye is surveillance to secure the elites. Governments are more security conscious than ever and you are being recorded and watched for much of the day using cameras, phones, electronic cards, and transaction/bank records. This is to cause behaviour modification but more importantly to protect the elites against a popular uprising or revolution caused by theft. In Australia they took the guns and after wards they quickly increased the taxes with out concern. Like God, the government is neither your pal nor honest. In fact it works for someone else against the people. Their are hundreds of proof of people, groups being beaten, imprisoned and murdered by the government.

Beware that governments build and retain information identifying you to damage your reputation and prospects, not for psycho therapy. One often implicates themselves to government unaware and increasing their is no way to remain private against government probes. In the modern day Military, government agencies, banks and credit agencies, business, doctors, psychiatrists, police, real estate firms, insurance firms, internet providers among others have to report information to government.

Power Attracts The Worst Kinds Of People

Their is a giant circus centred around government because government can make business successful and people can support themselves through government. Their is a whole society of individuals and groups centred around altering politics to their favour and to their business interest even the parties themselves are started and operated by persons with interests.

A political party is made up of many people elected and unelected who meet at intervals to organize party policy for example the Australian Labor party says it like so; The policy of the Australian Labor Party is contained in its National Platform, which is approved by delegates to Labor's National Conference, held every three years. According to the Labor Party's website, “The Platform is the result of a rigorous and constructive process of consultation, spanning the nation and including the cooperation and input of state and territory policy committees, local branches, unions, state and territory governments, and individual Party members. The Platform provides the policy foundation from which we can continue to work towards the election of a federal Labor Government. In practice, the Platform provides only general policy guidelines to Labor's federal, state and territory parliamentary leaderships. The policy Labor takes into an election campaign is determined by the Cabinet (if the party is in office) or the Shadow Cabinet (if it is in opposition), in consultation with key interest groups within the party. A political party consists of both individual members and affiliated organizations and people, who between them decide the party's policies.

Affiliated organizations may pay affiliation fees, based on the size of their membership, individual membership open to all citizens pay a membership fee, which is graduated according to income. These members and affiliates elect delegates to attend conferences, these conferences decide policy, and elect state or territory executives, a state or territory president (an honorary position usually held for a one-year term), and a state or territory secretary (a full-time professional position). The larger branches also have full-time assistant secretaries and organisers. In the past the ratio of conference delegates coming from the branches and affiliated unions has varied from state to state, however under recent national reforms at least 50% of delegates at all state and territory conferences must be elected by branches. conferences, the other 50% coming from affiliated organizations.

The Organisational and Parliamentary wings of the Liberal Party each have clearly defined and separate roles. In the Liberal Party, the Organisational wing cannot dictate policy but consults with and advises the Parliamentary wing, particularly on the development of longer-term policies. The Organisational wing is based on the Party’s paid membership of supporters. Across Australia, the Liberal Party has more than 80,000 members in more than 2000 branches which are governed by their respective State Liberal Party structure - known as 'Divisions'. It is responsible for: Party’s Platform - the broad statement of Liberal fundamental beliefs and intentions, Pre-selection of the Party’s candidates for elections, Management and conduct of election campaigns, Fund-raising. The Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party is made up of Federal and State Parliamentarians. It is responsible for: Representation of electorates held by Liberal Party Members of Parliament Liberal Party’s policies, strategies and parliamentary priorities guided by the principles contained in the Party Platform. Committees form advisory services for the party.

A lobbyist is someone hired to advocate on behalf of a specific company. Inter-government activity can mean support for unilateral war or some business affair. Bills that are not created by business interests or monarchs can be created by groups that call themselves Think Tanks or Advisory Groups.

Politicians are confidence men that propose services to get a funding paid for by taxes only to siphon the funds in conflict of interest leaving a debt ridden state on the verge of collapse.

Is It Rigged?

Only when necessary the system is rigged, to believe otherwise is naive. The single most rigged event was the slide in the US dollar during the real estate market crash of 2008, the markets fluctuations were halted and the money printing had no impact on currency value. The state is the single largest source of bad luck in the world. In 2020 virus the stock market prices going up while the economy was put on hold. How can the price of company stock rise when it is closed?

You are and have been paying taxes on printed money and this has been a deception all along. The banks and the government prints more paper money and people are criminally attacked for not returning the funds they earned, a highly bizarre situation.

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