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Doing The Mindwork

Fraternities, secret societies and not so secret societies, sports and cultural clubs and college fraternities. Fraternities generally conduct rituals, have a credo, construct schemes and have special membership requirements, unlike religions, they do not seek mass incorporation, joining is more exclusive and the most wealthy and successful are targeted for active incorporation as well as succession. Fraternities are not successful by their magic, but simply by who they desire to involve. They are common in the universities and colleges of the United States of America and the term can be used to reference any group, organization or even a business company. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, French for “Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)”, is the national motto of France popular in the French revolution. Fraternity represents shared code of values. The most established fraternity encompassing sub-fraternities is the Freemasons.


An English organization that went from a guild of stone workers to open membership with the primary purpose of insurance for an elite group by including, appointing and even restricting powerful positions in societies to their group, in that way it is much more difficult for unforeseen competitors to defeat the hierarchy. One of their number holding a high position of status is enough to raise the total group in domination. The freemason will in effect have these qualities in the curriculum, the importance of a fellow mason above all else and making masons to masons harmless towards each-other, otherwise known as friendship and possibly skill improvement. The history provided to the “free” citizen like the history according to aristocracy may be heavily bias and heavily revised according to masons.

Beyond the first three degrees of freemasonry are many fraternities of which the image (right) depicts. These have a concentric circle as found in many cults, such as the Assassin cult, one of these circles was created by Cecil Rhoades, a practising Freemason. Upon Cecil Rhoades death he left a will creating a secret society, their work of Anglo-Saxon domination sought through control of currency, major corporations including banking, media, entertainment, and communications, control of educators and textbooks, and the infiltration of religions. Major efforts at infiltration have been detected by the Catholic (Universal) Church that is based in Rome (head-quartered at the Vatican). See Rhodes Scholarship and his last will and testament, see persons that started speculative masonry.

As well as people gaining a rite of passage via the Freemasons, so have corporations been set up totally founded as Freemasonry based corporations, their symbols appear in the logo of corporations they own. The Freemason membership is waning most possibly due to television and as a result they sell mystery to attract the kind of converts they desire.

The G stands for Government.

Occult Forces - Freemason Movie 1943 French
Inside The Brotherhood 1 of 6 by Martin Short for Granada TV Manchester

The Crown

A business entity that oppresses and persecutes people and ruins other people's business. If you start a business and are successful by the favour of God the crown will shut down your business, arrest you and throw you in jail. “Commonwealth” nations will be familiar with the term Crown when they appear before the Crown when they break the law. The Crown refers to a position in an arch. The Crown refers to the business fraternity of the City of London.

The Crown has criminalized all business, all business is incorporated into the crown and are little more than tax collectors. Any or all other forms are illegal.

Business affairs of the empire.

In history of international trade, when a business was set up in far places it was usually among primitive tribes and so the company performed all the roles, both business and non-business roles. All of these roles we not on behalf of the nation but on behalf of the company. The company concerned with trade was forced to conduct the roles of nation state as part of business operation but never did so as a nation state but as a company. Thus matters are done on behalf of the crown of the corporation. The board of directors (as of a corporation). Crown colonies, crown courts.

The Illuminati

Defunct organization started by Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, his secret world government structure has become the adopted model by the Jews, the Rhodesians and the Freemasons. In modern culture “The Illuminati” has become a status for a type of generationally super wealthy person that is manipulatively active over society. The illuminati is not a group, it is a status.

The Jews

A cult derived from Palestinians, originating from the middle east and practice middle eastern nomadism and racism disregarding all for mammon or the spotlight (hanging off the wealth of prominent persons such as Rothchild or flocking to successful cities New York USA or congregating around lucrative business). They are the umper lumper's of the Rothschild, their God, whom supply funds for various schemes. Jews believe that their purely mythical cult is real. Jews are Semitic and behave like Semitic people.

Jews are historically obsessed with money. Money is their god. One rule for the Jew and another rule for the non-Jew. For example a jew will only sell property to another jew by private sale but probably poison the well in your neighbourhood. The other main symbol the candle stick holder is not a candle stick holder but a reed from the field of reeds, the Egyptian afterlife place.

Jews become a 5th column. Bolshevism is Jewish where 20 million people lost their lives and is the extortion of various nations via the Rothschild banking (Warburg Federal Reserve). They also practice other group acceptance and group climbing strategies such as shape-shifting, identify theft, habsburging.

Jews use the same model as the freemasons, the model design by the Bavarian Illuminati.

Jews simply lie about everything to pass. Beware.

666 The Mark Of the Beast

The Roman monetary system is 666. The nationalisation of money is the number of the beast. Jewish money changers angered by Rome reforming the monetary system. The Jewish money changers would lose authority to counterfeit their own money and would be forced to use Roman money. The refusal to accept the so called number of the beast is a whim of a few Jews, the Roman system is vastly superior and clearly the better choice. “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God”, the Vatican gave monopoly to Jews to banking and the British have colluded with the Rothchild in their efforts, the Federal Reserve System includes them and Central Banking System is their system. These Rothchild people collude with powers for power and fund many of the projects relating to Anglo-American-Judeo power in the world.

The Mafia

A group of families that operate legal and non-legal business and through success have become an illegitimate government, illegitimate due to its non Anglo-American origins. Predominantly thought of as Italian, but many people of all races are seduced by an idea of being a hot shot in the Mafia especially Irish people. Many people play Cosa Nostra but then forget about it a few weeks later. Successful people in the Mafia become heroes of teenagers.

These groups historically had a code or conduct, that was followed strictly and made a man honourable. Secrecy of existence and of operationally is observed. Respect relative to the pecking order. A trivial offence can mean injury or worse. They have nicknames, for example Jimmy “the moose” Carlino. The autocrat head of the family owns everything and orders everyone. Their are several mafias by attaching a national prefix. Mafia means a man can be exempt from law if a man decrees it, Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti (Italian: Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Fires and Poisonings). A little like establishing “I am” in literature and in the mind (so that is can latter be whatever you want it to be).

The Mafia is kind of global with its structure being the structure utilized by business orientated gangs. The Mafia usually does business in illegal popular products which leads to violence over profits and is international by nationalism such Mexican Mafia, Russian Mafia, or just the Mob.

The list of biggest “Mafia” groups…

  • Solntsevskaya Bratva
  • Yakuza
  • Camorra, Ndrangheta
  • Sinaloa Cartel

Urban Gangs

A range of gangs exist the biggest being Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the gangs of these class are urban, fashionable, tattoo, wear your hat a certain way, a way to walk, a hand gesture. Predominantly South American, North American and Asian with a combined total membership of approximately half a million people. Here is the list, not a top list.

  • Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
  • Latin Kings
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Los Zetas
  • Sinaloa Cartel
  • 18th Street Gang
  • Bloods
  • Crips
  • Yakuza
  • Yamaguchi-gumi
  • Wah Ching
  • The Mungiki
  • Russian Mob
  • Mongols
  • Triads
  • United Bamboo aka Zhu Lien Bang. (based in Taiwan)
  • 14k Triad (based in China)
  • Texas Syndicate
  • Barrio Azteca

Biker Gangs

They ride motorcycles, they divide the land mass into non-state based territories and while different motorcycle clubs can ride through the territories, they cannot operate certain business in that territory without permission or prior arrangement. Notorious kinds of business are guns and drugs. They ride motorcycles, they have a club house (chapters) and solicit new members, have rank.

  • Hells Angels MC
  • Mongols MC
  • Outlaws MC
  • Bandidos MC
  • Warlocks MC
  • Vagos MC
  • Sons Of Silence MC
  • Solo Angeles Club De Motocicletas
  • The Rebels MC
  • Abutre's Moto Clube
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