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 +====== AAA Texas Announces the Availability of a New Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost Coverage Optional Endorsement ======
 +Feb 16, 2009 13:24 ET
 +IRVING, TX--(Marketwire - February 16, 2009) - AAA Texas has announced the availability of a new Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost (GRC) optional endorsement for qualifying homeowners from its affiliated carrier, the Auto Club Indemnity Company. The GRC optional endorsement is an innovative insurance product that provides Texans with 100% coverage for covered rebuilding costs.
 +"AAA Texas is proud to offer this new product to homeowners who understand the value of protecting their home with 100% coverage for covered rebuilding costs," says AAA Texas Vice President of Insurance Sales Vic Ganino. "In the event of a total loss, such as a fire destroying the entire home, your regular insurance coverage may not be enough to rebuild your house to a similar condition to what it was prior to the fire. Having this GRC optional endorsement adds another layer of protection for your rebuilding costs."
 +AAA Texas encourages homeowners to review their homeowner insurance policy to see if they are completely protected in case of a total loss to the existing structure. A policy that may seem to offer full protection may not cover the entire cost of rebuilding a home.
 +"The lowest premium may look good on the surface, but consumers need to know what they are getting for their money," says Ganino. "Saving a few dollars on a premium could mean inadequate coverage in the event the structure needs to be rebuilt."
 +"AAA Texas is known for its commitment to providing Texans with a variety of services and products that give peace of mind, including roadside assistance and other insurance products like auto, home, umbrella and watercraft insurance," says AAA Texas Public Affairs Manager Linda von Quintus. "The GRC optional endorsement is our latest addition to the scope of options for what is typically our biggest investment -- our homes," added Ganino.
 +For more information about the optional GRC endorsement's coverage terms, exclusions, and conditions contact your insurance agent at a local AAA Texas district office.
 +AAA Texas, a member of the AAA Federation of motor clubs, has been serving Texans since 1902. Today, more than a million AAA Texas members benefit from the organization's roadside assistance service, travel agency, financial products, insurance products and services, automotive pricing, buying and financing, trip planning services, and traffic safety programs. Homeowners insurance is provided to qualified AAA Texas members by Auto Club Indemnity Company. Information about these products and services is available on AAA Texas' web site at
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