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Fleur De Lis Welcome

Welcome the Ganino family homepage, this is the surname of the Ganino family. Ganino as in pa[gan]s, history, news, genealogy and information relating to the Ganino family name can be found at, here we maintain an online presence where one can work out their family tree and gather news, if your surname is Ganino or a derivative or an associated name by marriage you might find information. Click here for a list of names that we support and including the following names, Ganino, Ganina, Ganini, Ganine, Canino, Gianino, Giannini, Gonino, Paganini, Jenino. If you have gan in your last name, then it most probably stands for indigenous to a region in Europe as administered by the Roman Christians who used the word pagan as referring to indigenous.

Radio Ganino
Ganino TV

Content Submission

We accept all paraphernalia relating to the ganino and supported family names, if you think it's important then you can send it to us and we will hold it and present it where applicable.

This includes paraphernalia of deceased persons.

We like content that we can make available on the website such as photos, pictures, videos, articles and other media...

and we like content that maintains the institution. If you have any or both email the webmaster

The content can be processed with instructions and then made available in a timely manner.

Cautionary note when searching and genealogy, you might find more than you were betting on, perhaps a scandal, a family feud but generally nice surprises, good information more than anything else. As always at we work to provide a foundation for the family. You can contact us if you require assistance, access points of contact to international markets, banking, traveling and immigration.

The sensitive information at is secured by password protection so viewing requires registration.


We hold forum or meetings once a month. If you would like to attend forum, receive a copy of the agenda and minutes or discuss with us, contact us here. Fratres amici, quae pertinent ad brevis.

Ganino Crest People

Ganus Pisa records 1331 vedi Paganus/Pagana 1136 land records. Oldest female is Elena Ganin Christened: 22 Aug 1557 Spain and male is Edmundus Ganin Christened: 1570 England. Canino is a town and comune of Italy

Liberty Bank Of Ganino
a not for profit service and in the tradition of Amadeo Giannini, run as a democracy

CountMeIn Family To Family Networking

Better Outcome

So, the professor begins, Who Killed Julius Caesar?, Billy at the front terrified and on the defense answers, Sir, I was at the farm helping my parents pick peas at the time, Andrew feeling quite incriminated proclaims he was home all night, and suggests inquiring with his brother to confirm his alibi. The professor breaks his chalk in frustration, students, this happened two thousand years ago...

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