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 +====== Heraldry ======
 +If you have been effective in the service of patricians, you may be awarded a crest, coast or arms, title, name, order or some other note. Most people do not have a crest, title or coast of arms... It is not easy to be effective to the status quo to the degree of receiving a coat of arms, for your information. Below are resources relating to heraldry. They relate to family as does the website.
 +[[ Dictionary of Heraldry and Related Subjects.pdf|A Dictionary of Heraldry and Related Subjects]] \\
 +[[ Dictionary of Heraldry.pdf|A Dictionary of Heraldry]] \\
 +[[ Outline of Heraldry in England and Scotland.pdf|An Outline of Heraldry in England and Scotland]] \\
 +[[ Oxford Guide to Heraldry.pdf|The Oxford Guide to Heraldry]] \\
 +[[|The Complete Guide To Heraldry]]
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