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 +====== The Root Causes Of Human Suffering ======
 +When young Buddha first left the Palace, he saw the society for the first time and was shocked at the suffering that existed in the world, his investigation and the basis of Buddhism identifies the root causes of human suffering, while one cannot be entirely liberated from human suffering, it can be minimized and the human condition improved. Such is the basis of Buddhism.
 +According to Buddha the three root causes of suffering are...
 +  - Ignorance, ignorance people, ignorant rulers, ignorant parents are a leading cause of human suffering.
 +  - Excess, living in excess be it constantly wasted, or enduring people who go on excess and extreme tangents.
 +  - Possession, tyranny craving, creating prisons for both men and animals.
 +The minimization of suffering with in an environment is the enlightenment for all mankind, beings.
 +It is not enough for a person to live free from the three causes of human suffering in himself. The surrounding people must also be the same and the government of the nation must also be the same because we not only suffer when we are ignorant of our own ways, but when we are force to endure those around us that are ignorant and also when governments enforce ignorance onto all society.
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