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 +====== Some People Say Open Your Heart or Keep an Open Mind ======
 +Spell me dis, spell me dat. If you do and do, you own a house and keepeth the doors open, be it of wood or stone, be it heart, mind and home. People will see that they can enter and enter they will and steal and steal. They search about without care and destroy seeking any and of value to sell it on.
 +So spell me dis and spell me dat. Keep your door closed, your heart and mind too for what is in a closed mind and closed heart is a soul and those that wander cannot enter and steal.
 +A spell for a spell and to those that advise an open mind and an open heart, Out of sight, out of mind, Your wicked talk I now bind. Your words go far away from me, As I will, so it shall be. Branch of hemlock, do your deed. Blood of life will you impede. Poison bark will stop the breath and in the end will bring death.
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