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 +====== People In The Western World Are Not Living Longer Than Ancient Peoples ======
 +People living in known longevity places have not changed their diets since the western world arrived. They consume the same home grown foods they have always consumed and they are not miraculously living longer just because the western world says so. This is another one of those baseless claims of the western world.
 +In fact the western world has poisoned and killed much of the natural world, and the finality of the western delusion is death and none more than death.
 +The air quality is silent invisible delayed killer and their are many poisons in the air and radioactive waste particles, the water quality and the food quality is also to understand. The western world generates poisons that end up in the air, water and food and eventually cause the many health issues and every one assumes its just a random occurrence. Recently dementia has been linked to air quality, aerosols in the air just as an example. Nox in the vehicles cause stroke, heart attacks, lung cancer. Mercury levels in fish, asma, allegies, autism and so and so on.
 +It is invisible you cannot see with your eyes and dismiss it.
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