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 +====== Outstanding lexicologists at Lynnhurst School ======
 +Picture are the winners for the Lynnhurst Elementary School December Town Meeting Award for Best Lexicologist. Front row, left to right are Brendan Kelleher, Lige Tocco, Jessica Rezendes, Kamdyn Swansey, Kelsey Comire and Alexis Braga; middle row, left to right are Richard Fiorvanti, Chris Kozakis, Jake Berry, Jason Ciampa, Georgia Fiore, Jessica Ganino, Aidan Kelleher, Alessia Sazillo and Kyle Tammaro; back row, left to right are Ethan Graylin, Austin Martini, Christian Billingsley, Rachel Nazzaro, Erin MacDonald, Nina Vrankic, Garret Ruszkowski and Jonathan Collins. Those not pictured include Dukens Maurin, Justin Ciampa, Alex Tennent, Ariane Barros and Donny Ruby.
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