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 +====== New Holland Terre Australe 1644======
 +Hollandia Nova detecta, 1644; Terre Australe découuerte l'an, 1644-1663 (1696)
 +Melchisédech THEVENOT, 1620–1692
 +This map by French scientist Melchisédech Thevenot is regarded as one of the seminal maps of the continent. Not only is it the first map of Australia to incorporate all the Dutch discoveries to date, it also heralded the burgeoning French interest in the region. It essentially incorporates all the Dutch landings on the continent, including Tasman’s two epic voyages of 1642–43 and 1644, and results in a recognisable shape of Australia – one that would remain unchallenged until Cook’s discovery of the east coast in 1770. It also evokes the possibility that New Zealand and PNG may be attached to Australia to form a big southern land mass.  
 +This is one of the very few pre-Cook maps showing only Australia. Produced in 1753 by Frenchman, Jacques Nicolas Bellin, the imaginary line goes from Tasmania to Espiritu Santo to PNG. The coastal note translates: I suppose that the land of Dieman can join with the land of the Holy Ghost but this is without proof." Cook's map below answers the question.
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