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 +====== Mariarosaria Ganino and Howrey Law Firm ======
 +Senior Associate
 +Mariarosaria Ganino is a Senior Associate at Howrey Martínez Lage in Madrid.
 +Mariarosaria specialises in Spanish competition and EU competition law and general EU law. She advises clients both in administrative proceedings before competition authorities and judicial proceedings before national and European courts. She has experience in the communications, media, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors. 
 +Mariarosaria is a lecturer on competition law and EU law for several post-graduate programmes, including the CEU University, Madrid and the Madrid Bar.
 +By focusing on three specific areas of law – antitrust, IP and complex litigation - Howrey is able to offer top level advice to its clients. At the same time, clients can benefit from the significant synergies of Howrey’s expertise in these three fields in complex cases where antitrust and IP or litigation issues are closely interrelated.
 +===== Representative Highlights =====
 +  * France Telecom.  Representing France Telecom España in Telefonica’s appeal before the European General Court against the European Commission’s margin squeeze decision.
 +  * Abuse of Dominant Position.  Obtained dismissal of damages action for an alleged abuse of dominant position before the Madrid Commercial Court.
 +  * Abusive pricing practices.  Successfully representing an international logistics service provider in a complaint brought by a client for alleged abusive pricing practices.
 +  * Parallel Trade.  Advising several pharmaceutical companies in parallel trade related cases.
 +===== Courts & Adjudicative Bodies =====
 +  * Madrid Bar
 +  * Cassino Bar
 +===== Education =====
 +  * Kings College, London (Postgraduate Diploma, European Community Law, 2004)
 +  * Kings College, London (Postgraduate Diploma, EC Competition Law, 2002)
 +  * LUISS Guido Carli, Rome (Law, 1996), cum laude
 +===== Languages =====
 +  * Italian
 +  * Spanish
 +  * English
 +  * French
 +Mariarosaria Ganino
 +Howrey/Martínez Lage
 +Claudio Coello, 37
 +Madrid 28001
 ++34 91 426 44 70
 ++34 91 577 37 74 (Fax)
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