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 +====== Grimoire ======
 +A grimoire is a book of spells and incantations, ways of making talismans and charms and methods of summoning spirits. There are a number of famous ones, listed below. Some grimoires are true relics of ancient civilizations, including the cuneiform tablets of the Akkadians and Graeco-Egyptian spells written on scraps of papyrus, which are often called grimoires, but most date from the late medieval period. “Grimoire” is a Old French word, denoting a work book or textbook – a reference and book of instructions.
 +===== Mephistopheles gives Faust a Book... =====
 +"Doctor Faustus living in all manner of pleasure that his heart could desire, continuing in his amorous drifts, his delicate fare, and costly apparel, called on a time his Mephostophilies to him: which being come, brought with him a booke in his hand of all maner of diuelish and inchanted artes, the which he gaue Faustus, saying: hold my Faustus, worke now thy hearts desire..." 
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