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 +====== Gabriela Paganini ======
 +Gabriela is a model from Espirito Santo, Brazil born on Thursday 9th of January 1986. She is 5’7 
 +{{ :123885956.jpg?direct&400|Gabriela Paganini @}}
 +Date and place of birth: January 9th, 1986, in Colatina – Espírito Santo, Brazil
 +Current residence: Sapiranga – Rio Grande do Sul, South of Brazil.
 +Sign: Capricorn
 +Height: 5’7’’
 +Hips: 40’’
 +Waist line: 26’’
 +Bust: 37’’
 +Feet: 8 ½
 +Do you study?
 +I have studied Fashion and Foreign Trade, but I quit both. Today I’m studying Psychoanalysis, but my life has been so hectic I haven’t had as much time as I wanted to dedicate to my studies.
 +Could you mention some of the works you’ve done as a model? Which ones did you like best? 
 +I was part of many beachwear, fitness, jeans, and jewelry campaigns. I was first at a modeling pageant called Sereias, in 2008; and was elected muse of the state where I live.
 +Besides, I was on the cover of Sexy magazine. But what I liked the most was, actually were, two jobs: a fashion show in Sardinia, Italy, in which I wore bikini, boots, and sunglasses; and a Valentine’s Day editorial for one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil, wearing just jewelry and lingerie.  
 +What are your biggest dreams as a model?
 +Actually, this year studying is my first priority. Then, I want to conciliate it with modeling as much as I can.
 +You were part of a reality show called Casa Bonita, at a Globo TV channel. Tell us a bit about this experience.
 +Like everything else in life, no experience is 100% positive. I loved meeting all the people there, the girls who were also part of the show, the crew… everyone was great!! But I didn’t feel all that comfortable talking about some of the subjects that eventually came up or answering to some of the questions knowing that millions of people were watching. My private life is to be shared with the people I trust.
 +You have an ass to make any girl in the world jealous. What’s your secret?
 +First, it’s genetic, just look at my family, it comes all the way from my great-grandmother. And there’s no secret except working out. A lot!!!
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 +Good thing about childhood was...
 +Playing with my cousins.
 +Do you see yourself as a sexy woman?
 +What’s your biggest seduction weapon?
 +The way I look at men.
 +How do you deal with your body?
 +I work out regularly.
 +What’s the occasion for a special outfit?
 +Hmmm… all of them!
 +What kind of underwear do you prefer?
 +I like the tiny ones, but always in light colors. 
 +I rather sleep with something really comfy!
 +I just wear what I like.
 +I’d love to live by the beach.
 +Working out.
 +Any cars that take me where I want and need to go.
 +Soccer team:
 +Vasco (Brazilian soccer team from Rio).
 +Best thing to do:
 +Do not invite me to...
 +Criticize and judge people.
 +Best time of the day is...
 +Early in the morning, when I wake up to work out.
 +Casual sex, in or out?
 +A man should smell like… 
 +A good fragrance that lasts all day long.
 +Sailor, pilot, police officer or fire man?
 +What really matters is his attitude and character.
 +Something you can’t resist to…
 +A beautiful beach.
 +I can’t live without…
 +My family.
 +Is there a special occasion (or place) to meet somebody?
 +Any place is “the” place.
 +What’s the perfect trip?
 +Sardinia, Italy.
 +Being a Bella is…
 +A special photo shooting for me, I hope you all enjoy it! 
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