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 +====== Personal Specifications ======
 +===== Food =====
 +  * It is clear that the biggest benefit to health by far is not to eat. Fasting or deciding not to eat must be the first rule.
 +  * It is also clear that possibly the worst habit is storing food at home (with exemption of clean water) and cooking at home. It is a much better habit to have no access to food at home and walk to your regular break fast for your one meal a day. It also a bad habit to walk into a store impulsively and grab snacks, most convenience stores have no healthy foods.
 +  * Gym, walking, running, you must learn to run, this is not about distance. This involves causing the body to exceed from rest state to force an increase in capacity. This can be easily achieved in sprints where the effect is to have to stop to regain breath. You will find in a short time that the limits are exceeded, that is you can sprint faster and further before needing to stop. The gain is to the cardio system to more effectively function.  
 +  * Air quality, we are seeing more and more people walking the streets with face masks, do not underestimate the pollution that exists in the air. The white race is a dirty race, they pollute the air, the water intentionally, put pesticides in the eco-system that makes its way into food. The most toxic substances such as mercury in fish, radioactive waste in the air. We cannot force the "Earth wrecker virus" to stop, and so we must be pro-active. You must purify your home air using a water filter forget replacing hepa filter, people that live next to the ocean live longer, because the air passes over the water and purifies it before humans can pollute it again with their evil ways. Their way of life ruins the world.
 +  * Water quality (no limit), tap water is polluted intentionally in some places with fluoride or chlorine and in other places with a myriad of organisms and waste. You can distil the water using a distiller but it is very important that you add a pinch of salt and lemon to the distilled water to make up for the electrolytes to balance the pH and fluid levels in the body which is a pH level of 7. The amount of salt and lemon is below taste detection. Distilled water does not contain its own minerals, it has a tendency to pull them from whatever it touches to maintain a balance. So when you drink distilled water, it may pull small amounts of minerals from your body making you deficit so add electrolytes. Add trace elements as required.
 +  * The greatest food on Earth are eggs (1 egg per day), an egg makes a whole bird. It is believed the mucus consistency of egg is the mean consistency for the evolution of the human body and finds it easy to process, in contrast to dense meats. The egg must be eaten raw and never heated or cooled.
 +  * Milk kefir, a recipe is a banana, a raw egg and milk kefir in the blender and slow drink while doing work. Many diets of young animals is completely comprised of milk, so milk is somewhat like eggs. Kefir is a superior form of yogurt that is made from milk. It is a superior probiotic product containing ten or more strains of beneficial bacteria rather than the two found in yogurt. It is said that the milk fermented drink produces all the amino acids.
 +  * Oil, a drinking oil may be required if their is such a food.
 +  * Garlic, said to be the greatest of superfoods. Garlic must be eaten raw, it must be chopped up first of crushed and allowed to sit for 10 minutes then consumed.
 +  * Meats, Chicken, Beef
 +  * Fish, Tuna, Salmon
 +  * Fruits
 +  * Vegetables
 +The unhealthy environment means it is easy to detract from all your good work, such as mercury in fish, pesticides in fruit, exhaust gas in the air and industrial waste in the water.
 +Watch out for processed foods such as those from convenience stores, that is either contaminated or stripped of nutrients. Some food, have additives that is industrial waste such as fluoride in water. Goes through a process where it is stripped of its vitamins and minerals, such as white rice or white bread. A banana that is picked from a wild tree is different from one that been treated with pesticides and one that is boiled for whatever reason or one that has gone through a process where it comes out like a potato chip rather than a real potato.
 +===== Clothing =====
 +==== 1.0 ====
 +  * Ororo Winter Jacket, the warmest winter jacket I have tested.
 +  * No tracksuits or strictly for sports
 +  * No clothing that advertises branding, labels or other information
 +  * No denim
 +  * Immediately discard damaged clothing especially holes in shirts, socks and shoes
 +  * Proper Pants
 +  * Thinking Allbirds or Dr. Martins daily shoe wear and running shoe for sport.
 +===== Personal Care =====
 +==== 1.0 ====
 +  * Deodorant - adhoc random store purchase at the moment
 +  * Shavers - adhoc random store purchases at the moment
 +  * Shaving cream - adhoc random store purchase
 +  * Generally clean shaven, do not keep any facial hair styles 
 +  * Body Hair removal - rarely perform hair removal perhaps once a year, use removal cream such a Veet
 +  * Nose and ear hair removal, cigarette lighter or brute force may look into a more refined solution
 +  * Hair cut, crew cut using own hair clippers
 +  * No tattoos and against tattoos
 +  * No piecing and against piercings
 +===== Technology =====
 +==== 1.0 ====
 +  * Mobile Phone - do not use if screen damage or defects with a replace or repair grace period, currently using a Nokia 6.1 which is technologically sufficient for my usage.
 +  * Understand that their is no good news out there, learn to chastise people and send them away. Opt for solar power because it eliminates human parasites. Learn to reprimand people that spam your communication etc. 
 +  * Laptop - preferring the more portable unit, must not be heavy after carrying for a period of time while walking. I have a little 10" laptop running Linux which is compact, light and convenient.
 +  * Thumb drive, keep a thumb drive with my most important files as a backup.
 +  * I own a printer and a scanner that are plugged in and used only when required.
 +  * I do not watch television and am against television. I do not watch movies. I do not listen to the radio. The state ruins technology with it paranoia and involvement making it annoyingly unusable.
 +  * I do not use microwaves, I use ovens and cooktops
 +  * I use a washing machine
 +  * I use a kettle to boil water for tea. I no longer use a kettle as I no longer drink tea. I now sometimes use a blender.
 +  * I use a fridge
 +  * I do not own a motor vehicle, as owning a motor vehicle will turn you into a criminal as per the police regime. I avoid fines, letters from the Police. Exorbitant registration costs and insurances. Like all the other technology, states ruin it with their involvement.
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