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 +====== Where do you taxes really go? ======
 +When asked the questions of where your taxes really go?
 +Anonymous economist answered. Your taxes go to the bond market, as interest payments for those bonds.
 +Some of the richest people in the world, put their money in funds and those funds invest their money in government bonds. These bonds incur interest and that is what taxes are used to provide. Interest on bonds. The bond market is so leveraged that the world economy is not near enough to pay for the interest on those bonds because bond interest is invested in more bonds to beyond the global economy.
 +The principal, that is the initial sum and the interest is returned to the investor.
 +Their are also many nations that borrow money, such as world bank and IMF loans and these also must be paid back with interest and your taxes also go to paying those. These organizations have share holders and provide the loan funds as an investment with a return.
 +As for the widely misunderstood delusion that taxes go to building your city, well understand that government debt is so high to the degree of these public services because it has no money for public services. As for paying for building parts of the city or whatever well their are building and construction companies that have built all the cities mostly using their own initiative and funds.
 +Your taxes go to aristocrats, that is why they are trillionaires and you are not.
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