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 +====== Cuore ======
 +Cuore in Italian is translated to Heart. It is a book a short stories. A book of the saddest short stories a person will ever likely to read and hear. Reading this book to children would make everyone cry and even some adults.
 +Only a psychopath could withstand the sadness that this book produced in the reader. All else would be rendered to tears.
 +The stories related to having a heart and it is better not to give an example of the kind of hopeless horrors of both man and animal spoken of in this book.
 +For example if spoke of an ill and elderly mother who done her best under her health condition to look after her badly behaved child, by the end the child wound up in jail and the mother grieved that if she was of better health she would have more strength to guide the child. When the mother passed the badly behaved child was sorry.
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