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 +====== Sending Encrypted Email ======
 +{{:pgp_icon.png |}}
 +If you need to be sure that your email is for ours eyes only top secret then encrypt the email message. To send  encrypted email you will need [[|the public key]].
 +Import the key into your pgp, send your encrypted message to webmaster at ganino dot com. The (at) and the (dot) have been spelled out to thwart email spiders replace it with usual email symbols. If we are to reply with an encrypted message you must send your PGP public key using the form below otherwise we cannot reply to your message with an encrypted message.
 +To be able to send an encrypted email to the above address you first need to add the key to PGP with a command, gpg --import ganino_pubkey.txt or if you are using Thunderbird email client, go to OpenPGP > Key Management. If you do not have OpenPGP menu item then you need the add-on [[|enigmail]] which will setup Thunderbird with the Encryption library. In the Key Management window select File > Import Keys from File. Browse to the place where you saved the public key you downloaded above and then select it and click on the Open button. You should then receive an alert message saying that The key(s) were successfully imported. You should now be able to send us encrypted email.
 +===== Non Encrypted Contact =====
 +Action mail
 +Thanks "Email has been sent. If a reply is required, expect a reply."
 +Fieldset "Details"
 +Textbox  "Name" "=Your Name"
 +email "Your E-Mail Address"
 +fieldset "Message"
 +textarea "Please write your message"
 +submit " Send "
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