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 +====== The Catholic Church ======
 +  * "Repent and turn from your evil ways" the highest concept of the New Testament. Comically, it turns out some people cannot be saved. The Church calls these people reprobates but they are psychopaths that are biologically unable to be saved. The psychopath is a new medical diagnosis of a biological phenomenon, the people writing the New Testament could not have known of the medical diagnosis and that not all people are able to repent and turn from their evil ways. It exposes the falseness of the Judeo-Christian God and the limitation of the knowledge at the time of writing.
 +  * Science was the Wikileaks of the renaissance, when Copernicus and Galileo proposed the Earth rotating around the Sun and that man and the earth were not at the centre of the universe, the Catholic Church disagreed violently. Giordano Bruno was executed by the Catholic Church for this reason. It turns out that the Catholic Church is ignorant and that God does not know anything about the universe let alone creating the universe. 
 +  * Their "goodness" is philosophically flawed, sanctimoniously pious. For example, allowing refugees to enter in large numbers is reckless and irresponsible not "good". The myriad of terrible realities of doing so is completely ignored. Their views on many issues are just as flawed.
 +  * Systemically covering up tens of thousands of cases involving sexual misconduct and (of minors), turn out the Catholic Church is a front for pedophilia such as with Orphism and perhaps why Orphanages are called Orphanages and children without parents orphans, telling that the Church has always been a front for pedophilia. Remember the time there was a systematic cover up of abuse, molestation, and rape at the hands of priests that went all the way to the top of the Church? A conservative estimate says there were 17,200 victims in the US alone, and this type of mistreatment happened world-wide. When complaints came in, priests and other offenders were transferred, rather than fired. The extent of their actions will probably never be fully understood, because of the decades of cover up.
 +  * Pope Boniface VIII, he once had a three-way with a married woman and her daughter, but was even more well known for saying that having sex with young boys was as natural as rubbing one hand against the other. So, obviously, he was raping (or at least fornicating with), children. The Catholic Church takes its ways among other the from the cult of Orphism.
 +  * The peaceful God has lost every war its ever been involved in, perhaps they should worship a God that can win wars rather than lose them. In 1095, when Pope Urban II made a plea for war with Muslims, armies of Christians in Western Europe took up the charge. The pope promised serfs freedom if they went, galvanizing the people. In the First Crusade, an army of peasants led by Peter the Hermit was massacred by the Turks.
 +  * Absolving Sins For Cash Payments, Including Sins Not Yet Committed, so poor people go to hell. In the 16th century, however, indulgences got out of hand. Pope Leo X had expensive taste and wasn't above using el shady means to satisfy it. Indulgences were peddled as "pay X to absolve you of Y. To give some indication of how crazy things got, Dominican friar John Teztel was named Grand Commissioner of indulgences in Germany (so, overseeing indulgence was his only job), where he sold absolution for future sins. So: "Hey, give us some gold, it's all good if you kill that dude next week." If you were poor and ignorant, as most poor people in the period probably were another result of the Catholic Church, you basically just believed you were hopelessly f*cked and did your best to prepare for an eternity spent frolicking in the torments of hell. 
 +  * What happens when money demons take on Catholicism, you get evangelicalism. Say no more.
 +  * The Catholic Church has done it darnest to stop and suppress science, archaeology, censor libraries and colleges in preference for its propaganda. The various national security states that we have today are a direct result of the Catholic Church and its practices. 
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