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 +====== Books of the Bible And Their True Origins ======
 +Their are many ancient books and writings, the bible closes the mind to that idea. The bible is not historically relevant, many other ancient books such as for example Plutarch are factual.
 +Their is evidence that Greek intellects organized the bible as a tool for establishing legitimacy for the Seleucid Ptolemy for the area along with the Rosetta stone for Egypt. The dating of the bible and the stories aid this theory.
 +  * Adam And Eve - unknown may have Greek origins, as their are polytheistic and monotheistic versions, Prometheus. Pandora and Epimetheus. The story speculates connection with the Igigi revolt against the Annunki and the resulting quest to create humans of which the Garden of Eden is the eugenics project. The symbology of the trees represent a number of different eugenics project and the resulting cross-breeding that polluted the eugenic evolution the result being expulsion from the project. Possible pre-story of Adam & Eve. [[anteanus:the_epic_of_atrahasis|Atrahasis Flood Epic and the Anunnaki Igigi Mystery]]. This is not the same God or culture as the later stories in the Bible.
 +  * Cain & Abel - may be of Sumerian origin, Cain as the nomads that destroyed the original inhabitants of Sumeria, the Un-San-Giga, or may be Egyptian story of Osiris and Set. Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzid or Remus and Romulus.
 +  * Great Flood - may be of Sumerian origin preserved by oral tradition. See Atrahasis
 +  * Exodus, Moses, a plagiarizing of Akhenaten experiment at Armana.
 +  * David and Goliath, a plagiarizing of Alexander the Great versus The Persian Empire, the real David and Goliath story.
 +  * Jesus and Rabbinic Judaism and general canonism of stories are Roman additions and reforms to the work. The new testament has traditional dietic entities and has Roman stories. Rabbinic Judaism as the only accepted Roman version of the sects.
 +  * The New Testament, Roman, cosmological, Egyptian solar deity, resurrectionist. Mithras, Planet worshippers, Jehovah.
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