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 +====== Protocol No. 23 ======
 +[[the_protocols_of_the_learned_elders_of_zion:the_protocols_of_the_learned_elders_of_zion|The Protocols Of The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion]]
 +<p>1. That the peoples may become accustomed to obedience
 +it is necessary to inculcate lessons of humility and therefore to
 +reduce the production of articles of luxury. By this we shall
 +improve morals which have been debased by emulation in the sphere
 +of luxury. We shall re-establish small master production which
 +will mean laying a mine under the private capital of manufactures.
 +This is indispensable also for the reason that manufacturers on the
 +grand scale often move, though not always consciously, the thoughts
 +of the masses in directions against the government. A people of
 +small masters knows nothing of unemployment and this binds him
 +closely with existing order, and consequently with the firmness of
 +authority. For us its part will have been played out the moment
 +authority is transferred into our hands. Drunkenness also will be
 +prohibited by law and punishable as a crime against the humanness of
 +man who is turned into a brute under the influence of alcohol. </p>
 +<p>2. Subjects, I repeat once more, give blind obedience only to
 +the strong hand which is absolutely independent of them, for in it
 +they feel the sword of defense and support against social scourges
 +.... What do they want with an angelic spirit in a king? What they
 +have to see in him is the personification of force and power. </p>
 +<p>3. The supreme lord who will replace all now existing rulers,
 +dragging in their existence among societies demoralized by us,
 +societies that have denied even the authority of God, from whose
 +midst breeds out on all sides the fire of anarchy, must first of
 +all proceed to quench this all-devouring flame. Therefore he will
 +be obliged to kill off those existing societies, though he should
 +drench them with his own blood, that he may resurrect them again in
 +the form of regularly organized troops fighting consciously with
 +every kind of infection that may cover the body of the State with
 +sores. </p>
 +<p>4. This Chosen One of God is chosen from above to demolish the
 +senseless forces moved by instinct and not reason, by brutishness
 +and not humanness. These forces now triumph in manifestations of
 +robbery and every kind of violence under the mask of principles of
 +freedom and rights. They have overthrown all forms of social order
 +to erect on the ruins the throne of the King of the Jews; but their
 +part will be played out the moment he enters into his kingdom. Then
 +it will be necessary to sweep them away from his path, on which must
 +be left no knot, no splinter. </p>
 +<p>5. Then will it be possible for us to say to the peoples of the
 +world: "Give thanks to God and bow the knee before him who bears on
 +his front the seal of the predestination of man, to which God
 +himself has led his star that none other but Him might free us from
 +all the before-mentioned forces and evils". </p>
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